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  1. crazy4offroad

    Paintsville, KY Cruise 'N

    Saw this on craigslist and was wondering if it was being put on by someone from here? Looks like the logo the forum was working on a while back?
  2. crazy4offroad

    Sliding rear window frame parts NEEDED

    I thought I could order a "latch kit" from LMC and get what I needed but I was wrong. The passenger side of the rear window frame (on the sliding panel) came off and God only knows what dad did with it. I have a good latch kit now but I need the vertical window frame piece that goes on the...
  3. crazy4offroad

    Edelbrock Carb #1406 Calibration & Reference Chart

    OK after some quick searching I see that the ratio will need to richen up some, so I now know what direction to go in. These are the charts I've been going by to tune with. All the numbers in black circles are the ones achievable by the #1487 tuning kit I have... And these are the rod/jet...
  4. crazy4offroad

    '02 Sierra P0440

    Like the title says, code P0440, "Evaporative Control System Malfunction". When sitting still idling I can open the driver's door and smell gas strong. Strike 1 = gas cap is an aftermarket locking style. Took off the charcoal box by the tank, shook it, checked the lines, all seems OK with it but...
  5. crazy4offroad

    T-case fluid confusion

    A lot of you know I'm having trouble with the front driveshaft spinning in my truck while in 2WD since converting to TH350. Tore it apart today and saw nothing askew. Pondered it being blamed on a bad locking hub, but remembered seeing the front output yoke spin while parked in 2WD with the rear...
  6. crazy4offroad

    NTW Free Shipping on BFG's

    Saw this on their facebook page this morning... NATIONAL TIRE AND WHEEL 16 hours ago New Special going on! Any set of 4 or more BFGoodrich tires ship free within the lower 48 states! :cheers:
  7. crazy4offroad

    GM Automatic Transmission Diagrams

    I found some PDF files recently for different transmissions and related parts and thought I should share them here with everyone! Click each for the link, hope they can come in handy. -------------------- TH350-350C Exploded View TCS Products TH350 Schematic TH350 Pump Port Diagram...
  8. crazy4offroad

    Torque Converter Selection - AGAIN

    Main reason I'm asking again is we had this big-ass storm here, had to buy a generator, cost of fuel for it, lost some groceries, other expenses and I've been revamping my selection for a torque converter. I was looking at just plain stock replacement for now, just to get this together and...
  9. crazy4offroad

    TH350 questions

    Next month I'll be installing the TH350 and just had a couple small questions... First, where would be a good place to mount a temperature gauge? In-line with some kind of adapter made for it? Or ?? Second, What is the normal operating temperature? Third, what is considered borderline "too...
  10. crazy4offroad

    Calculating carb & filter airflow for YOUR engine

    This morning's discussion in my build thread got me remembering an article I read about figuring out what size carb and air filter is best for what motor. Again,'s tech articles make it easy. For carbs, from here...
  11. crazy4offroad

    Best budget ideas for carb to TBI swap?

    I have seen a couple posts mentioning a mod like this and it has me thinking it would be the best idea for my truck. Seems like I remember someone (Andy?) mentioning a bigblock TBI on a higher performance smallblock would be a hot setup. I mainly still want to run Vortec heads on my Gen 1 4-bolt...
  12. crazy4offroad

    Super Swamper News

    From National Tire & Wheel's facebook status: More... That 42.5" Bogger sounds like it's right up my alley, might prevent me from needing alot more lift and not lose alot of steering angle it being 13.5" wide! :favorites37:
  13. crazy4offroad

    73-87 Tachometer Repair

    OK when you know you're over your head sometimes you just gotta admit it. I can do a lot of things for an electrical problem but there are some things beyond my knowledge, which is why I started this thread. Here I will post pics of my tach and see if I can arrive at a working tach by the end...
  14. crazy4offroad

    Chrysler Sebring opinions

    My sister is wanting to get a 2001 Sebring convertible Limited Edition for around $4k and I was wondering what's yalls opinions on those cars. I never was that crazy about em, looks or otherwise. I figured the same head gasket problems that haunted the Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth minivans would be...
  15. crazy4offroad

    Diesel MPG

    Well I turned in my Toyota yesterday, been looking at other options since Toyota informed me I was ineligible to turn in any more vehicles for recall, which basically says to me "dont buy our product anymore". :mad: I've been looking at SUVs, and ZR2 pickups, which I could buy 2 ZR2s for the...
  16. crazy4offroad

    Buddies I ride with's trucks

    Kind of a messed up title lol but I figured this subject needed a thread all to its own! I'll be getting pics as I can get em, hopefully in action on the trail!! First up, tonight I got my first glimpse at my buddy's 79 longbed Chevy, 30 over 350, B&M TH350, NP205 t-case, 12 bolt rear/D44...
  17. crazy4offroad

    Rear brake wheel cylinder compatability?

    I was wondering if the rear wheel cylinders of corporate 12-bolt and 10-bolt rear ends are the same? Might need to swap my 12-bolt wheel cylinders on the blue truck if they are leaking on the blue truck like I think they are, if they're the same?
  18. crazy4offroad

    Speedo Gear

    I need the speedometer gear that goes in an NP205. It has the shaft that the square end of the cable goes in, with a small helical cut gear on the end. I'll get pics/tooth count today.
  19. crazy4offroad

    Post pics/stories of odd things seen on the trail

    Glad we have this section! Now what strange things have you seen on the trail? Sasquach? Yeti? Talking fish? Aliens? Mostly all I get to see is trees but here's a couple pics of things I've seen... Bobcat.. A few nice bucks... And a burned out car... It was parked in the middle...
  20. crazy4offroad

    SM465 and SM420 Service Manuals

    Another great link with service manual image scans...
  21. crazy4offroad


    I'm in need of a new tach and was wondering what the general consensus was for the smaller sized tachs? Any good ones that stand out? It's already determined I cannot afford the $200+ Proparts Spek tach with built-in rev limiter and shift light (
  22. crazy4offroad

    Vortec Heads vs OEM SBC Old School Heads

    I get tired of posting this link because I feel like noboby reads it, but here I go posting it yet again... The charts near the bottom with the flow numbers tell the tale. But read the whole thing, you...
  23. crazy4offroad

    Ignition Module Rev Limiter

    After installing the 5.13s I'm beginning to see there's a higher probablility of overrevving the engine from tire slip, missed gear, etc and was wondering if anyone has ever tried to use one of these units? Here's one I was considering... Pretty...
  24. crazy4offroad

    My For Sale thread??? WTF??

    I asked to have the posts that included the parts that sold deleted. It seems someone deleted the whole damned thread!! :lol: WTF mang?!?
  25. crazy4offroad

    crazy4offroad's for sale thread!

    OK from the title it sounds like I got a lot of cool **** to sell but I only got a few things right now. I figured I would just have it all here in one place and if other stuff comes along I can put it here. Everything will be coming from 25302 so pick your carrier, I'll weigh the part/package...

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