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  1. Joshua Keith

    LMC step bumper mounting help

    I’m trying to mount an LMC step bumper and can’t figure how this thing goes. It didn’t come with any mounting instructions. I also purchased the LMC bumper mounting brackets that the LMC website said was required. Does anyone have a photo of their brackets installed? That would pretty much solve...
  2. Joshua Keith

    81-87 Body molding measurements?

    I’ve found 1 LMC video on YouTube that states the measurements for this side trim but wanted some help from you all to cross reference and make sure these are correct. The tape line is 13” down from the body line until the back of the rear tire. The tape line past the rear tire is at 12 3/4...
  3. Joshua Keith

    What would you do? Cab trim paint color

    Just stripped the anodized coating off my rear cab trim and cab corners. What color combo should I go back to? The truck color is white.
  4. Joshua Keith

    RockAuto floor mats PICS

    For anyone out there looking for carpeted floor mats, I decided to give rock auto a try. They are from a company called ACC (Auto Custom Carpets). I can’t give a review on how they will hold up but they do seem like a quality product. Only thing I’ve noticed so far is they don’t have the hole on...
  5. Joshua Keith

    Front bed rail bent FIX

    Saw a couple videos on YouTube but figured some on here could use this. I stretched a pc of fishing line across to know when it was perfectly straight.
  6. Joshua Keith

    1980 4x4 Suburban Dually $6800 OBO

    1980 K20 Suburban Dually This thing is sick!!
  7. Joshua Keith

    1977 K5 3000$ OBO!!

    "Hindsight 20/20" edit: The ad is a scam, do not try to contact the seller. 1977 k5 blazer Cheyenne edition Someone please get this thing! I want it bad but can’t right now.
  8. Joshua Keith

    Base/clear light spot fix? Need advice

    Hello square body community. Painted my k10 cab yesterday and it came out pretty good with the exception of a dry spot betting against the windshield. It streaks all the way across as I wasn’t able to reach it from the back of cab. Looking for advice as to how to fix this. I was thinking scuff...
  9. Joshua Keith

    Metal Rescue Gel Rust Review

    Had found some pretty significant rust on the roof and started looking into rust removal. I tried Water/vinegar 4:1 but the rust was too heavy for it so I went searching some more. Came across metal rescue gel. Not the liquid. It goes on really thick and stays in place once you lay plastic over...
  10. Joshua Keith

    A good K10 project!

    I’d buy it if I didn’t already have almost the exact truck in my garage. A good deal with all the parts for restoration. 1985 Chevy Silverado
  11. Joshua Keith

    1985 454 GMC Suburban 1900$

    '85 GMC Suburban
  12. Joshua Keith

    73-80 Cab Trim on 81-87 Cab

    It appears that 73-80 cabs are identical to 81-87 but I honestly have no clue. So my question is will the 73-80 rear cab trim/band fit on an 81-87 cab with no issues. I really like the look of the older trim with the black striping on it. It matches the fender trim much better.
  13. Joshua Keith

    Needing Rear Bumper Brackets

    Needing 81-87 rear bumper brackets. NOT the sport bumper. I know they’re out there for 120$ but I am trying to avoid that. If anyone has some laying around and want to make a few bucks, it’d really help a guy out. Thanks!
  14. Joshua Keith

    Any 9V6 Gunmetal Gray Trucks Out There??

    Hey guys, I have a 9V6 color coded 1985 K10 which is called Gunmetal Gray. I have yet to see another OEM gunmetal gray K10 Of this era out there. Tons of aftermarket paint job but none original. The GM brochure states that this color code was only for the Astro mini van during his time so idk...
  15. Joshua Keith

    What’s your honest A/C temp?

    I just installed a Sanden compressor and so far I’m not too happy with it at idle. I’m Getting 40 with low setting and about 60 on high setting. I’m curious to what you guys are getting at the vents with the fan on HIGH. I know the aftermarket vintage air will freeze you out,but I’m more curious...
  16. Joshua Keith

    1986 K10 $1000 Bad Trans

    1986 Chevy Scottsdale K10 $1000
  17. Joshua Keith

    Water Pump bolts question

    1985 K10 SBC350 Short Water pump Replacing the water pump and didn’t notice the different length bolts....Rookie mistake. I have 2, 2 inch bolts And 2, 3 inch bolts. Lengths estimated. I can’t figure out which went where. I would think The shorter bolts would go at the bottom because they’re...
  18. Joshua Keith

    1973-79 Cab Trim Great Deal

    1973-1979 Chevrolet truck cab trim don’t think it gets any better than this.
  19. Joshua Keith

    4” front shackle “side bars”

    Looking for 1967-1987 OEM front shackle Side bars from a k10. LookS somethin like this. Need a total of 4. 2 for each side. Best I can find online is about 65$ after shipping. Hoping I can get a better deal that that here. Thanks!
  20. Joshua Keith

    1981-1987 Tailgate

    Alright folks. I’ve checked and have found a few for sale, but hoping I can find one close(few hours drive). I’m in Memphis and need an 81-87 fleetside tailgate. It doesn’t have to be perfect and am open to GMC tailgates as well. It’ll get covered by the center trim pc. Thank you all.
  21. Joshua Keith

    Sorry. Another Charcoal Canister Question

    1985 K10 Dual tanks. My only question is where can I vent my charcoal canister. I open the hood and get blasted with fuel vapors. Doesn’t seem safe to me. I want to use the canister, so plugging it and getting a vented gas cap isn’t the route I want to take. Is there a way for me to vent this...
  22. Joshua Keith

    A/C rebuild list. May help someone

    1985 K10 SBC 350 This is the list I’ve come up with, but there may be some better deals out there. Prices are with taxes. I will have to get some lines made from a shop once I get it all together. Total price is 523.45 and still needs lines.I know Original Air makes a complete...
  23. Joshua Keith

    Complete a/c rebuild question or two

    1985 K10 SBC 350 Original a/c equipped Alright! Just ordered new vintage air brackets, Sanden 508 compressor, new evaporator, and drier/accumulator. Couple questions since I’m sure there’s some better experience with this. What color orifice tube did you go with? Anyone with proof that a blue...
  24. Joshua Keith

    1986 C20 Memphis

    1986 C20
  25. Joshua Keith

    Wanting Bumper guards

    Probably a shot in the dark but looking for some bumper guards/bumperettes in decent shape. I have an 85 K10. Thank you!

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