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    Does any one know wher to buy a ypipe for 87 chevy r10 5.0 I can not find one anywhere they all go to 86 and stop nothing for the 87
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    Look at this pic......what is it and what is my truck missing.......

    That’s correct it’s for the kickdown on the th400 I threw mine away I thought it was for passenger fuel tank mine didn’t work so I chunked it till I found out it was for trans mission so I ordered a used one couldn’t find one new
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    New here from North Texas

    Hellow from south texas
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    Fuel issues on 87 350 tbi

    May be pinched wire maybe ground is it one or two tanks
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    Need to buy

    Yes it’s downshift according to the gm book
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    Need to buy

    The one circled is the downshift one to tell them apart one has a red connector to plug into and check pump or however the other one it doesn’t have that red wire on the harness to plug into
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    Need to buy

    It’s for an 87 chevy r10 on the firewall passenger side there two relay one for the fuel pump the other it’s for the downshift something to that effect but I just need the one circled
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    Need to buy

    I’ll try another time said I wasn’t able to post there yet so I’ll wait thanks roryh19
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    Need to buy

    Kool thank you
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    Need to buy

    Where does one go to ask if any one has a certain item for sale I’m in need of harness
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    Bought some rail caps

    I bout these bed caps on Amazon ended up having to cut half of the rail cap for it to fit
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    Drive shaft slipping and clanking

    Mine does the same thing put in reverse clank loud that’s the only gear it does it with it’s a 2wheel drive though hope you find solution so I can get mine fixed thank you
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    New here hellow

    I have a pic of what I have now the other one was right next to it
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    New here hellow

    Hellow from Corpus Christi tx long time reader first time writer I have a 1987 chevy r10 I’m fixing up I have a question on the passenger side firewall there is two relays one fuel pump the other m40 downshift relay where would I get the harness connector that plugs into the m40 downshift relay...

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