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  1. RoryH19

    Glide out spare tire carrier

    Right, the article mentions factory or dealer. I assume if the brace that goes on the outside of the frame is riveted it would be factory equipment. I doubt the dealership would be using rivets for addons.
  2. RoryH19

    How would transmission fluid end up pooling on the intake? TH350

    For the kickdown cable there are different lengths. You don't have to have one if you think it's causing problems. I replaced the one on my k10 and it was 40". It appears to fit many GMs. Buick, oldsmobile, your spare one may work.
  3. RoryH19

    How would transmission fluid end up pooling on the intake? TH350

    I had a similar issue with atf on the top of my engine and exhaust manifold. It turned out to be a clogged vent tube. A TH350 with the vent on the left side like the pic. When the trans was warm atf would come out of the fill tube since that was the path of least resistance. I used a pick to...
  4. RoryH19

    Identify some parts

    Are you asking about the evap (vapor) canister?
  5. RoryH19

    87 350 tbi runs fine until i stop

    I had a bad pickup coil in the distributor. Very intermittent and heat definitely affected the idle.
  6. RoryH19

    Dana 44 1/2-20 Studs

    No problem. I was doing one last search before I pulled the wheels off. I actually have the studs sitting on my desk. I'll use 610-444 for my 14bSF 6 lug axle This will give 1/2 all the way around.
  7. RoryH19

    Dana 44 1/2-20 Studs

    Great, thanks. I found them the other day at Autozone and saw your thread today.
  8. RoryH19

    Dana 44 1/2-20 Studs

    Old thread but about to do the same. Did this dorman wheel stud work on the front?
  9. RoryH19

    Some squares for sale in my area.

    No telling but ot maybe a basket case. If it had a 454 I'd be more interested.
  10. RoryH19

    Adding an o2 Sensor

    Let's not overthink the tbi system of these trucks. They are primitive compared to new cars with pre and post cat multi-wire o2s. It's just one o2 on the left side just above the y-pipe.
  11. RoryH19

    Some squares for sale in my area.

    I like the k30 but my ocd would not allow me to buy a GMC. Can you tell the trim level it has?
  12. RoryH19

    Quadrajet manifold with edelbrock or holley carbs? Any issues?

    I have a Holley (similar to your 1406) and a 1 hole adapter on the way. Didn't even think about a 4 hole one. I sure it's hard to tell a performance difference on a stock 350.
  13. RoryH19


    I have the same on my 78 k10 Silverado. I thought about taking it off, it's worn out. Every other piece of trim is aluminum (or some type of metal) on my truck. Why did GM think plastic on the hood was a good idea?
  14. RoryH19

    Interior Color Question??

    Right, my 87 with saddle interior also uses the brown one. I also use this site for parts. They try to keep their parts as close to original as possible. They call it dark saddle tan.
  15. RoryH19

    Interior Color Question??

    You probably have the dark brown one. It was used with mahogany and saddle interior. Here is where mine came from I needed a burgundy one for my k5
  16. RoryH19

    GMC Savana, Plus a Chevy Express Now Too

    Too funny. The only thing that keeps me from having as many cars as you is the space. Not sure if that's good or bad.
  17. RoryH19

    Desert Fox

    I've never seen one in person. Was it a stepper? Pics would be great if you ever see it again.
  18. RoryH19

    Desert Fox

    Cool, I'll have to look.
  19. RoryH19

    1978 Silverado 4x4 custom?

    My thoughts exactly. K means 4x4
  20. RoryH19

    Standard 4x4 cab needed

    I'm in the same boat. I think it would be better to swap my 78 k10 4x4 cab. I can find 2wd by me but not 4x4 that are rust free. Forgot to mention, a 2wd with manual will also have the removable high trans hump you need.
  21. RoryH19


    Was actually the first thing that came to mind but I resisted.
  22. RoryH19


    Suggestion, use barrel nuts so you don't have to access from behind if they need to be removed. Lots of work to remove a fender for a badge.
  23. RoryH19

    GM blue engine paint

    Yeah they are probably both a little off from factory but would be hard to tell if the entire engine is painted.
  24. RoryH19

    GM blue engine paint

    If you have an exact match let me know.
  25. RoryH19

    Need to buy

    You can post under the "wanted" section

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