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  1. Big Chip

    Mechanical fuel pump beef/info rant

    That's an inmate number.
  2. Big Chip

    70’s tailgate on 87

    You will need the trunions from the 70's tailgate to make it work. The newer ones are smaller diameter I believe and that looks like your issue.
  3. Big Chip

    4" Front Drop Questions (shock/drop spindle combo)

    Make sure your wheels will work with the 3" drop spindle. You may have a clearance issue with the lower control arm if you are still using 15" wheels.
  4. Big Chip

    99 tahoe shorty

    Nice find.
  5. Big Chip

    Need non-AC suburban headliner This is where I bought my material but I don't know what to tell you about a source for the backer.
  6. Big Chip

    Problems With cruise control
  7. Big Chip

    Advice on: Master cylinder, booster, and calipers (leaks on 76 GMC 1 ton--pictures)

    I had trouble finding a new hydroboost a couple years ago but did find one at O'Reilly eventually. Mine was leaking into the cab which seems to be a somewhat common issue.
  8. Big Chip

    I cold use help

    Just hit quote at the bottom of the post you want to reply to.
  9. Big Chip

    Year of the Cab

    79 and 80 are on the dash, not the door jamb.
  10. Big Chip

    Guage cluster help

    How many do you need? I'm not sure what they are called but I have a few extras.
  11. Big Chip

    Factory wheels with positive offset.. or maybe negative offset on a dually? Good?

    If they are actually straight and round they are worth a little bit. Edit: Suckered into replying to an old post with this new format. I feel like a bit of an amateur right now.
  12. Big Chip

    '12 bed on a '81

    I'm with you! What I also don't understand is people who insist on putting big motors in their trucks, I mean they can only go so fast before it's illegal so what's the point?!? I just shake my head.
  13. Big Chip

    Dually Wheel Fitment Help

    Apparently d-bag is forbidden, it's the end of days or something.
  14. Big Chip

    Dually Wheel Fitment Help

    ...says the guy with the ****** bag yellow turd. A little advice: don't be a dick and things will go a lot easier for you.
  15. Big Chip

    Passenger side duct source. You can buy this by the foot.
  16. Big Chip

    Lens Retainer

    Right on.
  17. Big Chip

    Lens Retainer

    What's the advantage of the plastic one?
  18. Big Chip

    Dually Wheel Fitment Help

    They make a wider dually fender but it sure would be a shame to start messing with that paint! I'd guess a narrower axle is the logical answer.
  19. Big Chip

    Dually Wheel Fitment Help

    I could see the inners were polished is why I asked.
  20. Big Chip

    Dually Wheel Fitment Help

    Are the inner and outer wheels interchangeable or does one have a different offset?
  21. Big Chip

    Rear axle: Welding on saddles at proper angle (due to lowering kit)

    Are you planning on hauling with this truck? My setup was different, it has blocks to correct pinion angle that just go under the axle and rest on the original spring perches. I'll look to see if I have any pictures but I think I may have ended up with that setup because I have a Dana 70. As...
  22. Big Chip

    1976 non a/c heater box

    I have one too if that one doesn't pan out.
  23. Big Chip

    In Need of Body Side Molding for 76 Crew Cab Dually Rear Fenders

    I have been looking on and off for three years and had zero luck. I contacted a member on here a couple times via private message who I know took his off and never got a reply. If you find an extra set in your search let me know, I'd buy another set if they are available.
  24. Big Chip

    Detroit Speed Suspension

    Friends of yours?
  25. Big Chip

    Headliner Woes

    Can you fiberglass cross bows to the top of the headliner? I'm thinking something the the batten strips in a sail or something along those lines going side to side. Something like this with some spring to it...

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