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  1. Royal Sierra 454

    MId 70s Era New and used parts.

    73-80 Blue Molded Plastic Dash Cover.
  2. Royal Sierra 454

    MId 70s Era New and used parts.

    Factory/Dealer trailer Hitch. Set Glass and Frames for removeable top windows. Missing both wind deflectors. Off a 77 K5 1- nice GMC rally wheels cast center cap with nice logo, 76 era.
  3. Royal Sierra 454

    MId 70s Era New and used parts.

    I know I'm putting the horse before the carriage. In the near future, I'll be making a list of parts for sale, new or used for 76-77 era K5 Blazer. I'll start the list and will be prices for them at a fair price if interested. Willing to text pictures upon request. I hope this will be ok to do...
  4. Royal Sierra 454

    Blue Print or GM Performance

    Nice Motor and keep use updated on your progress. . I bought a 350 Long Block from EDD. Engines Direct Distributors. For my 1977 K5, 4 bolt main. 3 year unlimited mile warranty. $2727 shipped. Unit price, $2019 , tax $174 and core $535. They even took my 305 for the core. Thought I would pass...
  5. Royal Sierra 454

    Any value in California emissions air pump stuff

    I have a nice smog pump, if anyone is interested. Scott
  6. Royal Sierra 454

    Ideas for missing headliner

    My 77 had a headliner. All of the trim molding was there. I used textured Durabak 18. It is said to be good for sound deadening. Can always install a headliner later. I am happy with the result. Can take more pictures if wanted.
  7. Royal Sierra 454

    No crank, no start

    I would check the NEG. Battery cable to the engine block. Use a Star washers to get a good ground. Had that issue on my old Pontiac.
  8. Royal Sierra 454

    New here from AZ

    Hello from Goodyear -303 and Indian School West, Scott
  9. Royal Sierra 454

    74 Short bed

    Hello, 8UP007, I like the orange I'm seeing on the interior. Was it a factory orange truck? Is it a Chevy or a GMC? Scott in Goodyear
  10. Royal Sierra 454

    How Will My Square Body Look With XX Lift and XX Tires?

    My 2" Rough Country suspension lift. Rides very smooth, not stiff at all. Maybe the 4' and above ride stiff, due to more arch in the leaf springs?
  11. Royal Sierra 454

    6 lug Aluminum Rims

  12. Royal Sierra 454

    Hello from AZ

    Hello from Goodyear, Az.
  13. Royal Sierra 454

    1979 GMC Heavy Half - One Owner

    Nice Job! Looks Great. Need more pictures. Any plans for the motor?
  14. Royal Sierra 454

    Color match for blue interior

    Google SEM Blue Interior paint. Might have what you're searching for? Pacific Blue?
  15. Royal Sierra 454

    Garage Cleanout

    You live too far from me. Damm!
  16. Royal Sierra 454

    Let’s talk about headliners

    Here are some pictures of my Headliner area.
  17. Royal Sierra 454

    Anyone Use Classic Industries Dash Pad

    I did order a new dash pad from Classic Ind. I received it yesterday. Came in a well packed box. LMC isn't the best a packing their items in the past. I don't know if I like it yet or not. I will keep you posted. One thing I like it takes less time to get my order, coming from Ca. Classic...
  18. Royal Sierra 454

    Let’s talk about headliners

    On RockAuto link you can see the difference between the Factory to non-Factory Headliners. My 77 K5 came with a headline and all of the moldings. When I removed the Headline molding there are round holes cut in the metal roof for ventilation? I can post a picture if interested.
  19. Royal Sierra 454

    1976 GMC K15 "Clyde "

    Nice truck! Your front GMC grill looks like a unicorn also.
  20. Royal Sierra 454

    6 lug Aluminum Rims

    I'm selling a set of 5 Aluminum Rims 4 are 15" X 10" 6 lug, 2- lefts and 2- rights. They are a directional rim set. Also have 1- 6 lug, 15" x 8.5" rim same style. Not sure the make? All rims are in great condition. Came off my 1977 K5. If interested I can send more pictures. Local PU preferred...
  21. Royal Sierra 454


    I wish the previous owner didn't repaint the exterior. Do you have any pictures on how mine would have looked like?
  22. Royal Sierra 454

    What did you pay for a square

    1977 Chevy Cheyenne K5 Blazer, from Parker Arizona. 79k actual miles. Original paint. 400 SB. Paid 5K.
  23. Royal Sierra 454

    Oil leaks

    I had an oil leak that drove me crazy. I have aluminum valve covers. What worked for me was valve cover studs and a little RTV. Leak is going.
  24. Royal Sierra 454


    Let me know if you're still looking.
  25. Royal Sierra 454

    1977 Q-jet factory air cleaner housing and lid

    I am interested in your parts , MTBADBOB Thanks

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