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    WTB 454 Rev. Rot. Fan for 454 Serpentine

    I may or may not have a fan from a '91 454. I don't remember if I kept it or not, do to one blade having a (repairable) bend in it. It was 5 or 6 blades. I'll have to look around.
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    Adapter between SM465 and NP205

    Try to grip the bolts from the exposed area and see if they will turn. If so, screw them up and out of the adapter. If you remove the adapter, you will find that it exposes openings into the case, via the shaft bearings.
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    Jones chambered bullet mufflers

    Yes, I run a pair of them on my 454 Suburban. I really like them. They are actually some of my favorite mufflers I have used. I believe @Catbox runs them too.
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    8ft Stepside Bed

    I came across this on CL, it's a long bed stepside trailer. The bed looks like it may be in fairly decent shape.
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    Cab roof lights

    Oh my. Would you care for pointers on a much tidier and safer installation? But yes, you can get power from any fused park/tail source.
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    I've come here to complain!

    The chime stays on if the headlights are on and the ignition is off? That's how it's supposed to be.
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    Snap ring lock plate

    Also, tilt and non-tilt columns use a different cancel cam. I know from experience that the plate cannot be installed if you are trying to put a non-tilt style into a tilt column. Green colored cam for non-tilt, white colored cam for tilt columns.
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    1985 C10 Door Mirrors

    If you get a new assembly, DO NOT get a chrome one. Most definitely get the stainless steel version (like original). The chrome one will be brown in a year or two.
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    14BFF into suburban: What parking brake cables?

    What year is the axle from? The older ones use a different parking cable arrangement. I believe '84 was the changeover year, when they also went to stamped spring perches.
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    What Are They??

    The eccentric washers help keep the bolt from spinning, as soon as the washer sinks down in the wood some.
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    Keyparts panels?

    I've still got some of those older panels, when I get a chance I'll get some measurements. But I'm 100% certain that you could order a part, then a couple weeks later order the very same part, and one could be a different gauge and stamping than the other. But like I said, it's been quite a few...
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    Keyparts panels?

    They have different suppliers. I haven't bought any in the last 10 years, but I remember specifically that there were two different cab corner stampings. One was heavier gauge and covered a larger area. They were the same price.
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    Square body for sale,,

    I believe it's used as his witty signature?
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    Keyparts panels?

    They must be simply covering their ass. I've bought repair panels of theirs that were probably 16 gauge. Their specs must be for the thin stuff from some suppliers.
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    Haynes manual suggest silicone dielectric grease for ignition module?

    The '78-'83 GM wiper delay modules I've taken apart have had white thermal paste in them, so it must have been around before the 00's. I've always used dielectric grease and it's never let me down. A lot of modules even come with a little squeeze tube of it. Now with that said, I do agree that...
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    What new tools have you got lately?

    There were really good ones 20 years ago too. But $$$. Now there's a bunch of affordable ones that are good too.
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    CUCV Torque Slip (TH400)

    I'm in for an answer because I'm curious. With the steep gearing as a crutch, my guess is that the low stall converter will work ok.
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    Hidden Stereo

    Yeah, I'm gonna have to copy you, lol. That's really slick! My '78 Suburban came with an AM/FM 8-track player, it worked but the tuner didn't match up with the dial at all. So I found a '90-ish Sony digital tuned knob radio to put in it's place. Well that radio crapped out a couple years ago...
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    Adapter between SM465 and NP205

    Also check the bolt holes in the t-csse adapter, for the mounts. The one mount may be missing because the threads are stripped in the adapter.
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    Adapter between SM465 and NP205

    Yeah, there should be two mounts. '85 and later trucks had a single, large interlocking mount in the middle. Unfortunately I don't have pictures handy and I'm not at home to take any.
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    Oil Pressure Guage Mystery

    Yep. That "switch shuts off the pump" way of thinking has been an epidemic for many years. Covid is going away faster, lol.
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    Keyparts panels?

    Their rockers and cab corners and such are generally pretty good. Some parts vary in overall size (like the cab corners) and gauge, depending on which supplier the parts came from.
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    '89 Burb V2500 JB7 Different Pad Options?

    Quite a few years ago, I tried to put JB7 calipers in place of my JB5 calipers. I was under the impression it was a direct swap. I bolted one on and found that the banjo bolt hole was 7/16" thread, not 10mm thread like my originals. So I went back and looked at the listing and the listing said...
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    Truck for sale in Virginia

    I sent those pictures to my buddy that lives down there now. He said he noticed it last week. He's going to stop and look at it tomorrow. He's a sucker for red trucks too, lol.
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    Truck for sale in Virginia

    Right along RT 151? Do you ever get a little further south? There's (or was) a very "affordable" looking truck for sale along the west side of 29, just a couple miles south of RT 6. I never had a chance to stop and look at it.

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