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  1. BearKing

    New Member and new owner of a 1976 K20

    Thank you. It’s my favorite one of the ones I own. It’s a 6 speed manual and I love to shift gears.
  2. BearKing

    New Member and new owner of a 1976 K20

    Very nice sir. What a beautiful thing it is turning into. I’m jealous.
  3. BearKing

    Lifted Dually 3+3 Trucks. Let’s see your truck. I need ideas.

    That has the same drivetrain as mine except mine is an 86. I love the hydraulic clutch in mine. It’s very smooth. I like the look of that thing. Our Forestry trucks look like that but not as high. They do have some sort of a lift on them. They look like monsters when they are on the highway.
  4. BearKing

    What did you pay for a square

    I paid 2500 for my 1986 GMC 3+3 Dually 4X4. I paid 3700 for my 76 Chevy Sport Stepside 4X4. I paid 2700 for my 77 Chevy Sport Stepside 4X4. I paid 2300 for my 79 Shortbox 4X4. I paid 600 for my 82 Diesel K5 Blazer. I paid 900 for my 81 GMC K2500 HD. I paid 400 for my 76 Long bed 4X4. That’s all...
  5. BearKing

    Lifted Dually 3+3 Trucks. Let’s see your truck. I need ideas.

    I got my 86 GMC Dually running and now I need some ideas/inspirations for my truck. I want it to look like buckets truck. I love his lifted Dually. Anyone else have lifted Dually trucks?
  6. BearKing

    What do I have...Dana 44 or GM 10 Bolt

    Yep, it’s a 44.
  7. BearKing

    New member. 87 V20 Stepside

    They most definitely came that way. Most were bought by County’s, State‘s and Cities. The railroads bought them also. There were a few running around out here that were owned by the railroad. Cool rig.
  8. BearKing

    New member. 87 V20 Stepside

    Welcome from the Black Hills SD. That has the 8’ bed, doesn’t it? Both of my Stepsides have the 6’ bed.
  9. BearKing

    Should I?

    We get the Natives who smoke the Peyote around here. They sell their trucks for a good price or a case of beer. Not kidding.
  10. BearKing

    Should I?

    It’s worth what he is asking. Its not worth 10 grand, that’s for sure.
  11. BearKing

    Should I?

    We get morons asking the same price for their trucks but NOBODY is paying that much for their junk. You would have to be a fool to pay those ridiculous prices for a truck that was one of the most mass produced vehicles in history. I just paid 600 for a 1982 K5 Blazer that was surrounded by other...
  12. BearKing

    Our accord totalled.

    This right here.
  13. BearKing

    Square body being towed

    What do you guys think of using a car dolly and disconnecting the rear driveshaft to tow it by only using the front wheels on the dolly? I think I have to do this to get my 86 3+3 4X4 Dually home next weekend. I hope the dolly is wide enough to put a Dually front end on. My car trailer won’t be...
  14. BearKing

    Quadrabog bogs

    Just messing with you brother. Gotta give a Squarebody brother a ribbing once in a while. Haha.
  15. BearKing

    Quadrabog bogs

    I see your problem. Those Croc shoes. Haha
  16. BearKing

    Quadrabog bogs

    Edelbrock carb in my opinion. Never a lick of trouble and I have used them for almost three decades. I even have a few old Carter AFB that are on some of my classic cars. Excellent carbs and easy to tune and rebuild. Not a fan of Holley carbs unless I am in a race car. Street wise, you can’t...
  17. BearKing

    Is the 8.1 still a dead end swap?

    I agree with this and just and FYI, we call the 8.1 2500 Suburbans….UNICORNS for a reason. That’s what all the truck guys call them anyway. Have for many years now. They sure are Unicorns in the truck world. Hard to find for sure.
  18. BearKing

    1967 C20 Project

    Very cool truck. Bringing back memories of my uncle who had a 67 that was orange and he used that thing all over for hunting. He was a WW2 Navy veteran who has been certified to the first guys to ever be hit by a Kamikaze while on the deck of their ship. Their ship is credited with being the...
  19. BearKing

    Siphoning gas out of a bad tank

    Can you get a picture to show us?
  20. BearKing


    Now I need to check her engine. I have to do an oil change anyway. My 4th Gen Z28 has an all aluminum LS engine. That thing is super light and fast. I put about 100-200 miles a year on each of my toys. Corvettes and Z28’s. I need to drive more I guess. I haven’t even taken out one of my...
  21. BearKing


    Same here. That’s why my wife will be driving her Denali for a long time. She also owns a 79 Shortbox 4X4 with the SM465/205 combo. We are putting in a 6” all spring lift as we speak. It will be a nice truck when we are done with it.
  22. BearKing


    They do for sure. That’s why my wife unit only drives GMC Trucks. She’s spoiled.
  23. BearKing


    Aluminum? Are you sure? My wife’s GMC Yukon XL Denali package has every option they had and it has the 6.2 but it’s a cast iron block. Over 400 factory horsepower.
  24. BearKing

    Th350 atf leak

    Nailed it. I am doing this as we speak. My son, my brother and I pulled the transmission out of our 80 Z28 because it leaked from EVERY place possible. Should be finishing up tomorrow. Just waiting to get an American made front pump seal. Not the Chinesium trash. Bought a whole kit off of the...
  25. BearKing

    New Guy-Old Truck

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