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  1. R Carnella

    Fusible link keeps blowing over and over

    Disconnect the B+ wire at the alternator and try again.
  2. R Carnella

    Next Generation Member

    Welcome aboard! I share your soft spot for square Burb's! Ask anything you want, also add pics whenever possible.
  3. R Carnella

    What did you pay for a square

    I found my v2500 on CL back in 2013 for 1,450 I've since spent over 30g in parts, bodywork and paint supplies,but i did all the work myself so Probably saved at least that much lol
  4. R Carnella

    Gauge Options

    Crap, just realized how old this post is lol It's a pioneer head unit,
  5. R Carnella

    Gauge Options

    I went with the dakota digital and couldn't be happier with them overall. Plus they integrate well with the LS engine ecm by reading OBD2 data. Displays stuff like gear selection,trans temp,inlet air temp,4x4&low range indicators. Not to mention i can set warning alerts for volts, temp and oil...
  6. R Carnella

    how to delete auto door locks

    Sounds like one of those old viper alarms from back in the day...
  7. R Carnella

    Brake line, opinions needed.

    I don't remember where i bought my pre bent stainless brake lines but i do remember a holy crap moment when finding this on both front brake lines... The pic makes it look obvious but it was actually hard to see, from the top they looked ok. This is where the line comes through the frame and...
  8. R Carnella

    Fender and hood rubber

    They are probably only there to quite wind noise.
  9. R Carnella

    Sealing Windshield

    I always use urethane on the pinch welds only!
  10. R Carnella

    20 Year OBS Owner, Trying out the Squarebody

    Sweet,now fix the 92 and have two awesome trucks!
  11. R Carnella

    Tach conversion kits

    They physically fit great and as for wiring it's pretty straight forward, all connections are done at single a module box and the cluster connects over a cat5 cable. But there are a lot of connections overall and can be intimidating for someone not good with electrical. I also use an add-on...
  12. R Carnella

    Hello, new to the forum

    Welcome aboard great to have you.
  13. R Carnella

    New member checking in

    Welcome from long Island!
  14. R Carnella

    New suburban owner

    Sweet suburban! Congratulations.
  15. R Carnella

    Tach conversion kits

    Cant recommend these DD gages enough!
  16. R Carnella

    Besides LMC, is there any other website to order the triangle a complete assembly?

    I definitely recommend precision rubber products whether you do it yourself or not.
  17. R Carnella

    I'm baffled. Relay issue.

    I would check the relay grounds,do they activate (click) when you turn on the headlights?
  18. R Carnella

    87 Door Panel Help

    LMC truck parts refers to them as door glass window seal (outer) in there catalog and available at most vendors really. As for converting a vehicle to power lock and windows...of course can be done but in my opinion the only elegant solution is to have a parts donor vehicle where you can...
  19. R Carnella

    87 Half ton crew cab

    Also did the thermal wrap on your intake piping help with inlet air temp's? I get insanely high inlet air temperatures sometimes and if it helps, I'm thinking of doing the same thing. I've always wondered how much the metal intake pipe heats the incoming air?
  20. R Carnella

    77 K10 LS Swap

    I used these hooker manifolds with no issues
  21. R Carnella

    87 Half ton crew cab

    Did you paint the door handles black? I wanted to to that on my project but afraid it would eventually chip and peel. I think they look more modern painted black.
  22. R Carnella

    87 Half ton crew cab

    Very awesome project, congrats on a job well done!
  23. R Carnella

    Why You No Hood Emblem?

    Just not a fan
  24. R Carnella

    Hi guys new here have 1987 c-10

    Awesome whip! welcome aboard.

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