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  1. mdws1987

    Latest thinking on replacement gauges

    LMC TRUCK has added tachometer conversion kits to their catalog. $300....
  2. mdws1987

    Rear sway bar

    I got one for the 1987 R10 from Summit Racing. Part Number ACO-951. Got it in July 2013 for $168.
  3. mdws1987

    Do alternators just die?

    This is FYI... On my 87 I noticed the signal lights sounding very slow and volt meter being low.. When I was removing the top bolt of the alternator, it was not tight. The bolt would not tighten up. It was just loose enough to not charge. I got a longer bolt, put a nut on and tightened. No...
  4. mdws1987

    Dual exhaust for 4wd '87 V10

    Last month, I went to have my mufflers replaced on my 87 with the 305 tbi. The shop owner said I should remove the CAT converters as they are not needed to pass the inspection.... Did have them removed. The next day the truck would not get up to 35mph and the check engine light came on... I...

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