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  1. scrap--metal

    FM acting weird in Factory Radio

    So the factory FM radio in my K10 has been acting goofy for the last several months. I can pick up FM just fine in the Minneapolis area and immediate suburbs, but as soon as I get out of the county FM reception is non-existent. AM still works fine. It's like I cross over the river and FM...
  2. scrap--metal

    Kool Deadwood Nites 2022

    Anybody going to the Kool Deadwood Nites show next week in Deadwood, SD? It's a pre-'74 show, but I'm hoping there may be a couple '73 squares there.
  3. scrap--metal

    Cool 3+3 Cool 3+3 for sale in my neck of the woods. I can't justify buying a truck that won't fit in my garage though. Not to mention $35K is outta my league.
  4. scrap--metal

    Splined Wheels?!?!

    Have y'all ever seen splined wheels like that? Maybe I'm too young, but I've never seen it on a car/truck. I don't think the uni-lug race (e.g. new NASCAR) wheels do it either. I saw them listed locally for free, and just though it was interesting. Supposedly they're off a "Sunbeam Alpine...
  5. scrap--metal

    Brush Guard, watchu tink? For sale about an hour and a half south of me. I do want a brush guard, and the price is nice, but I'm not sure about this style. My initial impression is that it looks kinda dated, and not in a good...
  6. scrap--metal

    Custom Hood Ornaments

    Anybody running a custom hood ornament on their truck? If I remember right @Catbox might have a Mack ornament on his? Let's see some pictures if you got 'em. The other night I found a pretty sweet looking eagle in my pile of scrap metal. I forgot I had it, and it was too cool to recycle, so...
  7. scrap--metal

    Dash Rehab for a Radio

    Previous owner had a GIGANTIC hole cut in my dash. This weekend I made it workable with a section cut out of a donor truck. That truck was sold to the scrap yard a couple weeks ago, but piece of it lives on. After taking this picture, I added three rivets to better support the...
  8. scrap--metal

    Cheap one on Marketplace

    This one will get snatched up quick. I'm going to look at it Sunday afternoon if it's still for sale. The guy says he's got over 40 people interested and several are lined up to look at it today and tomorrow. I ain't got time until Sunday. I'll probably never get to see it.
  9. scrap--metal

    Electrical MYSTERY? Blower motor runs when key is off

    My K10 is acting spiteful now after sitting for 2 weeks while I was out of town. I typically drive it on an almost daily basis. It's an '85 with A/C (non-functioning, but pretty complete). The blower motor continues to run when the ignition switch is off. Here's the details: 1. The truck...
  10. scrap--metal

    1 Ton with a 10' foot bed I've never seen a 10' bed in person, so I figured this one was noteworthy. I've heard of people lengthening beds, but not on a square before. Is it a custom job on a 3+3 frame, or was this something that could...
  11. scrap--metal

    Door Hinge Question

    In the upper door hinge, why did GM use two bolts installed from the exterior of the truck and one bolt from the interior of the truck? Wouldn't it have been just as easy to install all three from the exterior? I'm sure it was done for a reason, but I'm not sure what that is. Maybe the one...
  12. scrap--metal

    Vacuum switch, break switch, and wiring for 700-R4

    Like the title says, I'm looking for the lock up converter stuff for a 700-R4 in a K20. I need the vacuum switch, the brake switch, the relay, and the associated wiring if that's available too. My K20 has a 700-R4 and it's not plugged into anything. I'd like to try and get the lock up...
  13. scrap--metal

    The Future of Battery Electric Vehicles (and I don't like them) I came across this article today and thought it was something worth sharing. It mentions all the realities of battery electric vehicles that the mainstream media doesn't bother to mention. Keep some of these points in mind for your next beer...
  14. scrap--metal

    Stripped Holes in Rally Wheels

    I'm guessing I'm not the only one whos had this issue, but I couldn't find any other threads on it. One of my 15" rally wheels only has one hole left with good threads for mounting the center cap. I tried running it with a single screw, but the center cap wants to vibrate loose. I removed the...
  15. scrap--metal

    Correct Driveshaft Length for 700-R4/NP208/14bolt FF

    What's the correct length driveshaft between a 700-R4/NP208 and a 14 bolt FF with an 8' bed? Is anybody running this combo and willing to measure u-joint to u-joint for me? "Frank", my '81 K20, was Frankensteined by the previous owner. As a result, many things aren't quite right. Now I'm...
  16. scrap--metal

    New member in MN

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking around here for years, and decided now it's time to join. I spend some time on NastyZ28 since I have a '79 Camaro and got into that before the square bodies. I had an '84 K10, but that's been gone for 6 or 7 years now. I currently have an '85 K10 and a...

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