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  1. scrap--metal

    83 K20 for sale.

    Thanks for inquiring. That's a little less than the $2K I was expecting, but still more than I think I could justify. If I keep thinking about it too long, I might follow up with a PM to ask a few additional questions. Your Craigslist posting is very thorough though. I've re-read it multiple...
  2. scrap--metal

    83 K20 for sale.

    ^^^Exactly this. I just don't have the means of doing it. My squares can't tow another square half way across country, and my buddies aren't that dedicated to these trucks. They think I'm a little crazy... Any guess what it'd cost to lug that beauty over the mountains to the Minneapolis...
  3. scrap--metal

    83 K20 for sale.

    WOW! I read the whole Craigslist post and thought to myself, who can I get to drive down to Independence, MO with me? That's only a 6 or 7 hour drive. Then I realized it's in Independence, OR. That becomes over 24 hours on the road each way. Certainly a deal breaker for me. Good luck on the...
  4. scrap--metal

    Fuel only gets to engine when tank is out of the vehicle

    I'm honestly not sure if 2 minutes is enough to be running on fuel pulled from the tank. I would think it is, but I'm not confident in that. It seems odd that it fails to run when the tank is in the mounted position and it runs when the tank is on the ground. It just sounds like a kinked...
  5. scrap--metal

    New Member and new owner of a 1976 K20

    Welcome! Now where are the pictures??? It sounds like a lot has been accomplished already.
  6. scrap--metal

    Posi Traction

    Your thinking isn't far off... I changed gears from 2.73 to 3.08 in a '76 Monte Carlo with a Target Master 305, and there was a noticeable change in acceleration. The car just drove better and I didn't lose any top end with the TH350 either. We also put a G80 locker in the 10 bolt rear end at...
  7. scrap--metal

    Oil leak

    If that's the case, don't get overwhelmed by all the suggestions. You will not be able to learn everything overnight. Most importantly, CHECK FLUIDS REGULARLY. Like once a week or every time you fill it with motion potion. Even if your truck marks it's territory with every fluid possible, it...
  8. scrap--metal

    Fuel only gets to engine when tank is out of the vehicle

    Interesting, indeed... How long did you have it running with the tank on the ground?
  9. scrap--metal

    Fuel only gets to engine when tank is out of the vehicle

    Yes! Yes, they should have a loop, but it can't be too long. I previously mentioned that I kinked the rubber lines while replacing one of these tanks before. That happened because I tried to cheat and use extra long rubber lines that allowed me to hook up the sending unit while the tank was...
  10. scrap--metal

    Fuel only gets to engine when tank is out of the vehicle

    Since you dropped the tank again earlier this week, it's possible that you could've already addressed the issue. If the rubber lines were kinked or folded, and limiting your fuel supply, lowering the tank would eliminate that issue. I've replaced several of these gas tanks, and that HAS...
  11. scrap--metal

    Fuel only gets to engine when tank is out of the vehicle

    You are correct about where to disconnect the line. It has to be after the fuel pump, which likely means you need to disconnect the fuel line at the carb. The picture below shows the fuel line disconnected from the carb. Once the fuel line is removed, the fuel filter can be checked and/or...
  12. scrap--metal

    Whats the going rate for shortening a driveshaft? I think I got....shafted

    Last year I was quoted $240 - $280 JUST IN LABOR to cut, shorten/lengthen, and balance a driveshaft. No U-joints, no slip yoke, and no new tube itself. I wasn't going to pay that, so I found a NOS driveshaft on eBay and had it shipped to my door for just under $200. You did fine for $300.
  13. scrap--metal

    Truck left me stranded today.

    That's not horrible oil consumption. It's sure not normal, and you're right to be thinking ahead, but it'll keep going for many miles if it's not fouling plugs and otherwise running fine.
  14. scrap--metal

    1978 k10 radio patch panel

    Here's what I did to fix the same issue earlier this year: PO's hack job that I started with. Unfortunately the cut is visible beyond the bezel. After the bezel was removed. Repair section cut from a donor truck, which was already cut for a CD player. I got it for free, so I couldn't...
  15. scrap--metal

    Battery posts corrosion wtf

    Never seen those adapters before, but I might need to get some. The battery in my K20 is questionable, and it's only getting colder this time of year. Snow will be flying soon enough. I got a good 2 year old battery with top posts in my garage though. Adapters like that would make it usable...
  16. scrap--metal

    Engine loses power when shifting gears(auto)

    I have to echo Eric on that. It's a bad idea. The O-ring and the stamped steel lock ring will seal the top of the tank without any extra protection. Silicone O-ring lubricant is a good idea. It can be assembled without, but that gives the O-ring a chance to bind and pucker out of place...
  17. scrap--metal

    Engine loses power when shifting gears(auto)

    Definitely change the filter inside the carb. If that filter has not been changed yet, that could be the sole source of your power loss.
  18. scrap--metal

    Engine loses power when shifting gears(auto)

    Personally, I'd fix the fuel tank before anything else. If you know it's leaking and rusty, it's rusty on the inside too. Your engine and carb don't like orange tinted gas with chunks of iron in it. How bad was the fuel filter when you replaced it? My K20 had a gutless issue too. It ran...
  19. scrap--metal

    Starting up after sitting for up to 7 months?

    And sitting for a few months is no big issue. At least it's not the cause of the existing issues.
  20. scrap--metal

    Starting up after sitting for up to 7 months?

    My K20 ran great on the test drive, but wouldn't maintain highway speed on the drive home. Filling the gas tank washed all the loose rust into the fuel and it plugged up the fuel filter twice on the drive home. You have the right idea starting with the fuel filter. Good luck! If the filter...
  21. scrap--metal

    C10 lifted 4.5” max tire size

    I agree with Grit Dog that it looks perfectly proportional the way it sits. It almost looks like a factory K20 height, or a little taller. Keep the 32's. 33's could look good, but wouldn't be worth swapping. 35's would look large IMO.
  22. scrap--metal

    FM acting weird in Factory Radio

    So the factory FM radio in my K10 has been acting goofy for the last several months. I can pick up FM just fine in the Minneapolis area and immediate suburbs, but as soon as I get out of the county FM reception is non-existent. AM still works fine. It's like I cross over the river and FM...
  23. scrap--metal

    '79 Camaro Restomod

    Sounds like you have a very solid, but involved, plan. I dig it! Please take lots of pictures when you center up that 10 bolt. Someday I'd like to do that to my car if I can muster up the ambition. Regarding the '80-'81 style, do you also plan to add the Z/28 rear quarter flares from those...
  24. scrap--metal

    '79 Camaro Restomod

    It's odd that they didn't have better fixtures for the axel assemblies in these F-bodies. I guess that might've cost something extra... Thanks for confirming that this is probably applicable to Andy's Camaro too.
  25. scrap--metal

    '79 Camaro Restomod

    Cool car, Andy. Just read through the whole thread. I doubt you'll be able to get 275's up front. Especially since you've gone with drop springs (good decision). I had 245/45R17's on the front of my '79 and they would rub bottom rear portion of the wheel well at the steering locks. They...

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