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    Dome Light Comes on with Headlights

    I suspect that the answer will be "check your grounds." I'm not looking forward to that. Dome light works as it should - open the door and the light comes on (original switches stick a bit, but his the button once or twice and on they come.) I just noticed that when I turn one the headlights...
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    Flashers Do Not Always Flash

    My flashers don't always flash. When I first got the truck, they worked fine, but over time they got more problematic. More likely than not, they will flash at the begining of the first trip of the day and then at some point, the turn signal lights will light, but not flash. I don't know if...
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    Windshield Wiper Fuse Location

    I quick google search turned up a lot of info on how to change the motor but nothing about a fuse location. Truck is an '84 K10 and the wipers just stopped mid-sweep the other day. Before I toss a new wiper motor at it, I would like to check the simple things but I can't find the fuse location...
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    Compressor overload keeps tripping

    I have a Kobalt 60 gallon, 240v compressor with very little use (<10 hours even though it is 3 years old). Fitted it up the other day and it built pressure slowly and stopped before max pressure. Ran maybe 20 minutes. The next day I let it run venting so no pressure built up and it ran for 20...
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    Kicking around doing an LS swap

    I'm trying to figure out if an LS swap would be worth the effort. I have a 1984 K10 with a 350 and 700r4 trans and, I think, an NP205 transfer case. I'm not sure of my rear end gearing. I'm struggling with getting only 8 mpg no matter how I drive. I think an LS swap would give me between 12...
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    What is this wire / connector

    This connector with the yellow / purple wires is located near the bottom of my steering column. "Near" is relative. its under the dash in that general area. I have a 1984 K10 with automatic trans (700r4). Thanks, Bruce. [edited to add picture.]
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    Steering Column Refresh Oddities

    So, after some success with getting my reverse lights to turn on, I got cocky and decided to take off the little aftermarket steering wheel and put a stock replacement on. Now my truck does not have a steering wheel. First, I wrecked the spring clip and have to try to get another one. I'm...
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    Quadrajet Choke Operation

    I am trying to figure out how the choke / fast idle work on a Quadrajet carb. Chevy 350 SBC, no EGR/emissions. Carb has electric choke which works. I set idle and high idle the other day to 750 and 1200. Today I started the engine cold: one pump of the accelerator pedal and a short spin of...
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    Metal Seat Belt Buckle

    I need one seat belt buckle for an '84 K10. Brown is preferable, but not much of this will show so it doesn't really matter what color it is. I have good belts but the button on this buckle feels like the spring is gone. FWIW, the plastic covered buckles are too narrow to accept the metal...
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    Can't Get Driver's Inner Fender Back In

    1984 K10 stock height. I got the passenger side in with a little finesse, but the driver's side has me stumped. I tried with and without the wheel on (but less with the wheel removed - I had had it by then). It seems to hang up on the steering gear box (replaced while the inner fender was...
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    700R4 Vacuum Switch

    I have a 1984 K10 with a crate 350 and 700R4. I believe the truck originally had a 305. Most of the emissions and vacuum lines have been clipped or removed. I have the vacuum switch on the firewall with two wires running to the transmission. I'm assuming that this is the vacuum switch which...
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    Running Rich?

    I think my truck is running rich. I'm just starting to track down this problem, so I don't have too many hard facts yet (or - I'm starting to think about fixing this now). Truck is an 84 K10 with a replacement 350 running a Quadrajet style carb. What I know: 1) Starts like a champ - quick...
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    What is this piece called?

    These hook onto the rear inner fender. I know that the ones that run lengthwise are called first shields. Does any one make repops? Thanks
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    Thermal Vacuum Switch Post Engine Swap

    The PO put in a "new" "crate" engine in my 1984 K10. It runs a little rich but starts and goes just fine. It is my understanding that the thermal vacuum switch can be disconnected with a SBC and an HEI distributor. Looking at this picture, it looks like the vacuum source for the distributor...
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    Switched Power for Electric Fan Relay

    Finishing up installing dual electric fans and hit a small snag with wiring the relay. The relay needs a switched Power source. I would like to find one in the engine bay rather than going through the firewall to the fuse block. I would call this the trigger or sensor wire. It is not the power...
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    350 small block with m12 crank bolt?!

    Put in a Vintage Air serpentine belt system this weekend and it went mostly OK but the supplied crank bolt does not fit. It will go in a turn or so by hand and then binds up. I can thread the old bolt in by hand so the threads aren't boogered up. (And it's too short to reuse) it looks like...
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    Testing the horn circuit

    I've tracked down what I think are most of my electrical Gremlins, but my horn doesn't work. There is power to the orange wires going into the relay. (1984 K10 Silverado) What I would like to do is test the circuits without taking the steering column apart because that is another set of...
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    What's this yellow box?

    1984 k10 with full gauges Yellow box by Bruce Wingate posted Jul 14, 2021 at 6:45 PM I'm tracking down some wiring issues and ran into this. I haven't traced the source wires yet but there is a terminal that connects to the speedometer neat the speedo cable. What the box /circuit for?
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    Vintage Air: Weekend Install?

    1984 K10 pickup originally with factory air but with half of it removed by the PO when he put in the new engine. I just ordered a Vintage Air Surefit kit, Front Runner serpentine kit and associated bits and pieces. Assuming 1) I work slow, 2) I am average with mechanical skills but not the...
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    Relays, Relays, Relays

    All - I have a 1984 K10 with some problematic wiring that I am working my way through. There will be additional posts over time about all the little problems. Right now though, I am working on the power windows and have a relay kit. I also will probably install relays for the headlights and...

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