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  1. Keith Seymore

    Woodward Dream Cruise Thread - 2022 Edition

    The cruise is officially held on Saturday but the locals know the fun starts about a week ahead of time. This is from last night: Me, my brother in law (with my '87 pickup) and my boss ('38 Ford with a Flathead). K
  2. Keith Seymore

    Good trailer paint

    About every 20 years or so I like to re-do my open car trailer, whether it needs it or not. (It needs it). What's a good paint for something like this? I've historically used rustoleum red metal primer, and then gloss black over that, but this last time it seems it didn't stay nice very long...
  3. Keith Seymore

    - Retiring -

    After 39 years and 7 months I will be separating from General Motors. They offered a “package” and I took it. Last day in the office was February 7th; there will be a period of transition and then I will morph into retirement after that. I’ll need to find something to do in order to keep the...
  4. Keith Seymore

    GTO in Gilmore Museum

    Some of you might be familiar with my '65 GTO, which I inherited from my dad upon his passing. I received a note that stated the Gilmore Museum (the "Red Barns") in Hickory Corners Michigan was looking for a GTO for their musclecar display til next April. I thought "hey - free secure, heated...
  5. Keith Seymore

    Rally Wheel Trim Ring descriptions

    I found this while looking for something else - This is from our service information and describes three different RPO N67 rally wheel trim rings, in terms of shape and retention clip types. I thought I would post it here for future reference. K
  6. Keith Seymore

    Nice Article about my GTO

    One of my buddies pointed me to this nice article about my car. We wrote this up for Muscle Car Review, hitting newsstands on Dec 9th, but I did not know about the msn article. K...
  7. Keith Seymore

    Intro from an old Assembly Plant guy

    I stumbled over to this site while looking for a good link on the A833 New Process trans and ended up posting. If I'm going to stay then I figure an introduction is in order.... Short version: My dad worked for GM for 32 years, in Manufacturing (Pressed Metal) and in Advanced...

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