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    really need the experts on this, runs beautiful won't move

    New issue although the biggest I've faced not sure I can fix it. So with the help of the forum guys I got the truck running and sounds fantastic. Went to put it in gear it's a 4sp with a 205 transfer case and no go, when I push the clutch in I get no response can't move it into any gear just...
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    What’s the best way to fix this?

    So was cleaning up my fuse panel and two things went wrong. Look at this pic and tell me what you guys think. I pulled out the flasher for the hazards and lost one pin completely the other is sticking out. Also one side of one of the fuse holders broke off.
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    Where is this under dash?

    I’m trying to sort out some wiring issues and have the factor book for my 73 I’m not at my truck currently but wondered where is this located under dash and what’s it’s purpose? Seems like it dead ends multiple connections.
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    Clutch pedal doesn't return all the way?

    In my rebuild I replaced the pressure plate throw out bearing clutch disk etc, new springs and all the linkage is fine. Works properly, however when I push the clutch pedal in it seems to engage and depress at the right level, but when it comes back up from the floor it doesn't return fully. I...
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    this is a weird one.... lighting question.

    Guys, on my 73 k 20 I've got the dash removed no gauges etc. I do have my fuse block and all my wiring intact. So issue is when I pull my headlight switch out I get headlights all the running lights, brake lights and one turn signal left side rear, no other turn signals. How would I trace this...
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    Carb issues?

    A lot of replies from a post I ran on my truck not starting and shooting flames out the carb. Well that was a timing issue got it worked out, but when I start it the carb races to throttle body wide open. Mind you it doesn’t have a choke that is working. Can I remove all the choke mechanism and...
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    Fire out my carb?

    well it’s been a journey, a lot of you have followed my threads and I’ve finally gotten the headers and the exhaust hung, still haven’t started it since my last attempt when it went wide open on me. So tried it and doesn’t go full throttle but when I attempt to give it gas about every other...
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    Got it running

    Well I need the call a friend option . I’m ready to give up. tore the quadrajet apart from the shooting gas out the accelerator pump issue and replaced the pump all good there, but I’m lost as to the biggest problem when I start the truck the carb seems like it goes to wide open throttle I have...
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    Gas going Everywhere question?

    Guy’s I rebuilt this quadrajet and it’s shooting gas out the accelerator pump, bout to ruin my new engine paint any thoughts what would cause this?
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    Help me out please starting issue?

    Guy's I'm about to pull out what little hair I have left. My 73K20 just will not start, I installed a new summit HEI and removed the old coil wire and the resistance wire, ran an new 12 ga to the correct plug on the connector on the firewall, checked for voltage plenty there, put a plug light...
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    Take a guess

    Wiring my hei trying to eliminate the resistor wire at the bulkhead stock 73 k20 all original harness. I’m trying not to have to unwind all the loom and tape back to the splice from the solanoid. See the pic which wire would you suspect?
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    Quick question on wiring up my HEI

    I know the red feed wire needs to go to 12 volt Battery+ and can be done at the ignition switch, but man that switch is hard to get too. I have a pink wire out of my fuse box that's plugged into the slot that says ignition can I tap into that or could I remove that pink and run the HEI feed...
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    can I start my truck without the gauge cluster plugged in?

    Guy's I'm finishing up my resto on my 73 dropped the engine in this weekend and hooked everything up, waiting on an HEI distributor and wires from Summit. I don't have an instrument cluster do you need that hooked up in to start the truck? I know stupid question but I'm new to Squares. I don't...
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    For the life of me I Can't get this tailgate off, Any Tricks?

    I don't think I could have done this truck without all the valuable information from the folks here. I'm struggling with getting my tailgate off so i can remove the bed. It's a 73 K 20 any Ideas Thanks in advance.
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    Need help boys what is this?

    So doing my full restore floors rockers everything in got a few issues, but starting putting the dash back and can’t figure out where this plugs in I have the full wiring diagram don’t see it.
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    Pic of the clutch rod on a 4 speed where it goes through the floor, I replaced my floors and need to drill the hole for the clutch rod. Much appreciat

    Pic of the clutch rod on a 4 speed where it goes through the floor, I replaced my floors and need to drill the hole for the clutch rod. Much appreciated
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    Removed my entire heater system?

    My entire system is ripped out, I saw somewhere on the site a replacement part like a u shaped hose to bypass the core hose connections. Anyone know what that was? I just need to temporarily put it in till i install a restomod air and heat system, which means a hold till i find 2k for that lol...
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    Silly question about my leaf springs on my 73k20

    Did the factory build trucks with springs on top of the axel? I would doubt it but my truck seems lifted both the front springs and rear are on top of the axles. How hard would it be for me to put them back to factory? Here is how far it’s disassembled, we’ll at least the front
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    Confusion on Torque spec

    I'm confused, replaced my front wheel bearings on my 73 k 20 did the back bearing to spec ends up at about 35 ft-lbs with the backing off, however the consensus on this forum is the fronts should be torqued to about 120 ft-lbs, I have the factor serv manual and the factory overhaul manual and...
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    Weird wheel question?

    My 73k20 has 16.5 x 6.5 inch white steel rims, 8lug I measured the bolt pattern center to center and I get 6 inches, and the center hole is 5” why can’t I find any rims for it, seems everything is 6.5 bolt pattern?
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    Best way to pull this 350

    The manifold bolts came off easily but impossible the ones at the exhaust pipes, should I yank the transmission or just the engine and disconnect at the clutch housing? I’ve never done one before.
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    Don’t think this is normal☹️

    Current pic of the state of my73 c 20 getting ready to pull the motor noticed the fan pulley wobbles front to back about 1/8 of an inch that’s factree right? Sand blasting the frame like Johnny Cash one piece at a time
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    New to Chevy trucks I picked a good place to start ?

    Dove in head first feels like the pool was empty, picked up a 1973 c 20 4sp 4wd and it’s gonna be a project no doubt so I’ll need lots of help. Seems the right place to land.
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    No turn signals?

    So I was re-working my gauge cluster it’s a mess, and replacing some bulbs issue is I had all lights working before the cleanup now I don’t seem to have power to the lower bulbs or my turn signals, the printed circuit is intact, but if I pull my light switch I have builds that light, if I use a...

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