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  1. Grit dog

    Transmission gurus

  2. Grit dog

    A pillar repair

    ^Same here. Was going to drill out all the spot welds and replace entire skin but ended up being able to cheat and just cut out what was bad and left the pinch welds alone, since the rot wasn’t as bad as I initially thought. Bigger areas I cut to fit patch pieces out of the donor parts. Small...
  3. Grit dog

    Inner Fender Black Paint Question

    This paint on the core support is supposed to be like not quite full gloss chassis paint. Direct to rust or metal capable supposedly. I’ve used it on chassis, fender wells, even the wing windows. (I used it as a base coat and cleared over it on the window frames as idk how UV resistant it is)
  4. Grit dog

    Ran out of gas, but tank not empty

    ^What makes you think he has electric fuel pumps?
  5. Grit dog

    electric switch on shifter, need ideas

    My first suggestion was going to be an exhaust brake switch. Floor mounted dimmer switch for honorary mention. But my brain would want to keep all the trans functions on the same lever!
  6. Grit dog


    As said, the “rating” could vary and you could look it up on GM Heritage center. Here’s the 76 C20-C30 spec. Looks like 4000lb spring rating (so about 2klb payload) and 5700 or 7500 lb rear axle capacity. Subtract empty weight on rear axle from this numbers. Somewhere between <2k - 2.5klbs>...
  7. Grit dog

    Running boards clean up and installation

    Bonus points for a scrap piece of aluminum plate or Diamond plate to make them out of!
  8. Grit dog

    Ran out of gas, but tank not empty

    Bit of advice. Rather than playing around with it, you’ll be money ahead to spend the $400 for new tanks and fuel pickups and new hoses etc. Pop the bed off and have at it. And you can siphon fuel out pretty easily. Even more so with the filler hoses off. Biggest issue is the condition of the...
  9. Grit dog


    Aside from the question of how physically and mechanically sound a 45 year old pickup is to work it hard with a huge load, I wouldn’t want to be much, if any, over about 2500lbs loaded, ready to camp, weight….provided the truck is in good running order with good suspension.
  10. Grit dog

    Let's talk vehicle security...

    I'd think long term application of pressure to the brake components (especially on old vehicles, if not all new brake components) would not be a good thing for the caliper or wheel cylinder seals. Aside from having to either run brake lines into the cab or be a 2 person operation.
  11. Grit dog


    To pretend that there are any meaningful differences in the last 50 years, save for badging/trim/front clip appearance (all depending in year and model) is silly.
  12. Grit dog

    Both Flowmasters came apart?

    ^ That's slick! And my mistake when I was talking about V bands, I was thinking regular band clamps. If I have to weld 4 connections, it may as well just be to the new mufflers. And even then, the H-pipe would prevent taking it out in pieces. With the exhaust system already being several...
  13. Grit dog

    A big question

    Cool project!!
  14. Grit dog

    Extended cab square for sale

    Uhhh, Imma pass... I nominate Rob to buy it!
  15. Grit dog

    What have you done to your square lately??

    In the end, it’s about how much bodywork you have to do to cover up any damage from the towing mirrors.
  16. Grit dog

    03 yukon headed to scrap, should i buy it? LS rolling chassis?

    Sounds like she helped you make the best decision. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you don’t need a 300k mile pile of junk with a bad transmission to add to your collection. And who cares what other peoples bad decisions are? Your boss should have drug the pos off his property and cleaned...
  17. Grit dog

    I’m in love - here’s the truck I’m dating

    Squarebodys are about the only things that aren’t totally overpriced out here. Sure some are, but many for decent prices.
  18. Grit dog

    I’m in love - here’s the truck I’m dating

    How much you spend is related to how much you do. For a work truck that interior looks pretty nice IMO. If I wasn’t going all in and restoring the truck I’d keep the original interior. But just maintenance and repair parts, I feel like $3-4k in parts will replace about anything you could want...
  19. Grit dog

    I’m in love - here’s the truck I’m dating

    The front left side of the bed is smashed in. And maybe it’s just the combination of the door sagging and the bottom of the bed bent up, but looking at the trim line from cab to bed, it also looks a little lower on the cab side which is indicative usually of a mount being rusty or since this...
  20. Grit dog

    Both Flowmasters came apart?

    @CalSgt Even more great ideas! You know, I typically never want to try to remove exhaust parts/bolts/clamps etc due to rust and the certain cussing and difficulty of it. So my brain just automatically skipped past that option, lol. But this is 10 bolts total. Non rusted and no clamps. Unhook...
  21. Grit dog

    Both Flowmasters came apart?

    @CalSgt Great suggestion! I was looking at creative ways of not destroying the pipes and was thinking of this. Then could zip a little slice off the new muffler flanges and weld them on right next to the old welds. It’s more about having the time TO do it myself. Vs the amount of time to take...
  22. Grit dog

    I’m in love - here’s the truck I’m dating

    PS left side cab mounts and door hinges are trashed. And I see some extensive body work needed in a couple spots if you’re planning on restoring.
  23. Grit dog

    I’m in love - here’s the truck I’m dating

    Overall, a great builder or fix a few things and drive a classic cool looking beater that is capable of doing work. If you’re planning on restoring it, it’s fairly straight but by no means a scuff n squirt level of clean/straight truck. IMO, $3500 is about top dollar for that truck. You’re not...
  24. Grit dog

    1973 Chevy Blazer - opinions wanted on interior color

    @Kyle K I had the exact same pros and cons thoughts before I read yours, so I am of no help. Flip a coin?

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