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  1. pnwnvrdn

    1984 K10

    Welcome, nice looking truck. Great offer on the trans/transfer case..hopefully a member here is in need of one.
  2. pnwnvrdn

    1967 C20 Project

    Nothing wrong with "spending all this time on a base 3/4 ton". That's a huge part of the appeal of these trucks..they all have a following/attraction regardless if it's a SWB 1/2, LWB 3/4, 4x4, 1 ton. Like the attention you're giving a well deserved family heirloom.
  3. pnwnvrdn

    Making headers fit

    Bolting to the extreme forward threaded boss in the head as pointed out is the obvious answer. As for compatibility/wrong headers, size up/place exhaust manifold gaskets (header gaskets) against the head then the headers, for alignment/fitment. I doubt that is the issue though.
  4. pnwnvrdn

    I’m in love - here’s the truck I’m dating

    In our "neck of the woods" the price isn't that great. My reasoning, around here a guy can usually come up with something a bit nicer, needing less, for the difference of less than what it will take to get that one in like/same condition, but without doing the work. Color combination is a winner...
  5. pnwnvrdn

    Th350 atf leak

    I understand it can be difficult, but first clean everything you can, the dye is also a good idea, but a clean canvas to identify the origination of the leak is key.
  6. pnwnvrdn

    Both Flowmasters came apart?

    "no backfire" Without knowing the age of them, and the fact that they could be "20 years old", my guess is they rusted out internally. A lot of condensation builds up, particularly if truck is used irregularly and/or short trips.
  7. pnwnvrdn

    New Guy-Old Truck

    That is what a "mirror finish" looks like. A lot of work to get there.
  8. pnwnvrdn

    New Guy-Old Truck

  9. pnwnvrdn

    How do you guys clean primer before top coating?

    I wipe it down with PrepSol, then tack cloth. Yes on the filter/dryer.
  10. pnwnvrdn

    New from Idaho

    Agree, seems too high for what you described. I know there are some decent trucks for fair money, just be patient. Welcome.
  11. pnwnvrdn

    Holy Grail of Squarebodys

    "Holy Grail" label, can be as different to us individually, as the memberships personalities are here. Highly optioned I'm sure most would agree, command higher prices, therefore more desirable...probably. Rare combinations doesn't always equate to more interest, or a higher value. I'm happy if...
  12. pnwnvrdn

    2 barrel carb - barking up the wrong tree?

    Carburetors often get a bad rap..usually the first thing to blame on a poor running engine. A properly tuned Quadrajet on a 350 can be a wonderful thing, contrary to the general consensus.
  13. pnwnvrdn

    Can we be honest people?

    Not just GM, but all of the manufacturers overwhelming usage of plastic in the interiors, grilles, emblems, etc. (I get it-cost, light weight, etc.). Understanding why, doesn't change my opinion on how it cheapens the overall package.
  14. pnwnvrdn

    Show your daily driver

    F350 7.3 Diesel..I will replace it with my '86 K10 (avatar) once I paint it. I no longer need so much truck. Being retired, I don't daily drive. I have 8 vehicles, most are sunny weather type cars though.
  15. pnwnvrdn

    Can we be honest people?

    I like my SBC's have had more than I can count..but would have preferred they put the distributor in the front.
  16. pnwnvrdn

    New in PNW

    Welcome, nice Dually
  17. pnwnvrdn

    PNW Square Buddy

    Welcome...nice truck.
  18. pnwnvrdn

    SBC HEI Distributor clicking loudly and timimng won't stay set where i put it.

    Pull the cap and rotor and inspect..cracked?, interference issue?
  19. pnwnvrdn

    Another obligatory intro

  20. pnwnvrdn

    New Member

  21. pnwnvrdn

    New to the Site

    Welcome, enjoy.
  22. pnwnvrdn

    Going square, again. experience has been these trucks keep you coming back (I'm on number 4).
  23. pnwnvrdn

    Newbie here . . .'ve been busy.

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