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  1. bigchip06

    Quadrajet Leaking Fuel From the Top of Accelerator Pump

    I’ll start this thread off by saying I have minimal knowledge of carburetors, which is one of the main reasons I rebuilt my working carb to begin with; to fully understand them. Now, after rebuilding my quadrajet with a kit from O’reilly’s, it’s leaking fuel from the hole for the accelerator...
  2. bigchip06

    Odometer Rolled Over?

    Is there any way to know for sure if the odometer has rolled over (and how many times?) Maybe an internal spring or gear? Not just by wear and tear on the truck. My ‘77 K20 spent most of its life on a farm so I don’t think it’d have too many miles, but the clock only says 9k. Now we all know...
  3. bigchip06

    First square body

    Hey guys, just wanna say I’m glad I found this site. As someone who was (and still is somewhat) into japanese cars, this is a whole nother world. I don’t think I’ve seen another modern forum as active as this one. Really looking forward to learning as much as possible from you guys! Here’s some...

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