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  1. Terry Wilkerson

    Compression test

    Will soon run compression test on my square. Plan on doing dry and wet test. Should I run the complete dry test on all 8 cyl. then the complete wet on all 8 cyl or run dry then wet test on each cylinder before moving on to the next cyl.
  2. Terry Wilkerson

    Down on power, sounded different.

    A week ago my truck sounded like air leaking a little and seemed down on power. My grandson was driving so really not sure about the power. I read a thread about valve train problems. I hooked up a vacum guage to it. When first started it was just in the Lateing Timing red. After it warmed up...
  3. Terry Wilkerson

    Cheap fuel tank switch mod.

    My fuel tank switch is in working. It is faded out. I used a chisel tip marker to make it black again. Then used a fine point brush to highlight the lettering. A couple coats clear with the same small brush. It's not perfect but greatly improved. I'll probably replace it when I replace both tank...
  4. Terry Wilkerson

    Door panel gap between panel and carpet.

    So I changer interior color from red to black. I had a slight gap between the bottom of the door panel and the top of the door carpet. I'm talking 1/16 in. You could see a red line in the middle between the two pieces. It thought it looked bad. I used a piece of black electrical tape and put it...
  5. Terry Wilkerson

    Window seals, new, tight fit.

    Just installed new window seals. Have electric windows. It's all the motor can do to go up and down. Has anyone used graphite powder on the felt channel with success?
  6. Terry Wilkerson

    Power door locks

    I need to verify with someone what I'm thinking about my power door locks. The passenger side lock works using either door switch. The driver side does not work using either door switch. I did find and print a wiring diagram for the system. I'm trying to eliminate having to pull the relay out...
  7. Terry Wilkerson

    Unidentified electrical component

    Can anyone tell me what this electrical piece is a part of. It looks like a heat sink. It's located on the steering column under the removable cover. It has a white wire that has come unplugged. Kind of nervous about plugging it back in.
  8. Terry Wilkerson


    I live in the Kansas City area. I have a 86 GMC. I had a 76 Silverado back in the day I liked a lot. This truck reminds me of it. This truck runs and drives pretty good for its age. I am in the process if fixing things and making a shop truck type build of it.

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