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  1. Chevy Tom

    295/50/r15 on all four fitment

    Has anyone put a 295/50/R15 in the front on a 15 x 10? I used my wheels with 4.5 inch backspacing And it doesn’t interfere anywhere.  looking to get a second opinion. 84 c10 with a 2.5/4 drop. Spindles in the front...
  2. Chevy Tom

    2.5/4 drop rear shock questions

    On my 84 c10 Im doing a 2.5/4 drop with spindles in the front and hangers in the rear. With the rear going down 4 inches will I be able to just keep my stock shocks or will I need shock extensions? if so who makes the best ones? I want to make sure I have all the parts I need to complete the...
  3. Chevy Tom

    383/TH350 flexplate question

    I’m building a 383 SBC to replace the original 305 in my c10. The block is a 87-95 1 piece rear main seal roller block. I plan on using the Th350 that is in the truck, which will be built up. I will be using a summit brand 2500 stall converter. The engine is internal balance. What flexplate...
  4. Chevy Tom

    rebuilding SBC 355 questions

    hello all. was wondering what the average cost for a machine shop to do a 355 short block. I have a good 350 block and crank. no pistons, rods ect. just trying to get an idea of a general price range. I have the rest of the stuff for the motor that I will assemble. thank you
  5. Chevy Tom

    Lowering just the rear of an 84 c10

    so I have 84 c10 lwb and I want to level the truck out. I measured the fender lip to tire clearance and I have a 2 inch difference with the rear space 2 inchs bigger. Would a 2 inch drop shackle work? Not trying to lower it as I use it a lot for work stuff. Searched a lot but didn’t see much on...
  6. Chevy Tom

    1984 C10 wheel backspacing questions

    hello need some help with wheel backspace. my truck is a 1984 c10 lwb, stock height. looking to put 15x10 wheels with a 295 tire on the back. what offset is best? ive seen people say 4". 4.5" ect. Looking for real world experience. thank you

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