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  1. Ken B

    Square body meet Richmond Indiana

    Some great looking squares.
  2. Ken B

    Square body meet Richmond Indiana

    Anxious to see pics of a full lot
  3. Ken B

    Square body meet Richmond Indiana

    Anyone attending please take pics for those of us unable to attend.
  4. Ken B

    Need help with lights

    I have been lurking on this thread, just re installed my fuse block and starting to re install the wiring , I will be back begging for help I am sure. I am already getting my mindset,,,,run 1 circuit get it working and stop. Gonna take a while but no tools will fly across the garage...
  5. Ken B

    ID this rocker step hole for me

    Rust proofing like a company called rust check they drilled dozens of holes and injected oil like substance then it would rip/drain for hours on a lift
  6. Ken B

    Proud New 1976 Square Body owner!

    Welcome from Indiana. Lots of good information around here. I have been sucking info up as much as I can
  7. Ken B

    Door Conduits

    does anyone have any feedback on the HD Wiring Harnesses from LMC,,,,good/bad ? easy to install? tips?
  8. Ken B

    Square body meet Richmond Indiana

    this happens each year when we vacation......and its so close and I bought a vehicle from the founders....stinks i miss it
  9. Ken B

    Door Conduits

    just rehung my doors....all my door bolts were "temporarily misplaced" after lots of cleaning found them in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket, so I hung the doors and looking into the wiring....I have LMC HD wiring harnesses and factory wiring is in tact. Heating up outside so doing indoor...
  10. Ken B

    New member

    Welcome, lots of helpful people on here.
  11. Ken B

    SOLVED:Truck boggs down when accelerating

    I once had a very old cat. That the Insides would shift and plug the outlet of the cat.
  12. Ken B

    Hvac blend door question...

    Peel and stick Felt worked great
  13. Ken B

    Glove box issue

    Thanks. Will try that!
  14. Ken B

    Glove box issue

    tagging onto this thread....same project. but how do you separate the latch/lock so you can then replace the plastic "tub. my latch is a little loose in the metal glove box door but I can not see how to separate the latch......any help would be appreciated
  15. Ken B

    Hvac blend door question...

    thanks awesome idea
  16. Ken B

    Hvac blend door question...

    tagging on this thread. so as I am reassembling the heater box and controls, the controls wont go all the way to the off position. which cable is out of adjustment? it is conected to 2 cables....
  17. Ken B

    Age of our members

  18. Ken B

    new member from MN

    Welcome. You are correct lots of good information and helpful people
  19. Ken B

    '85 C10 Door Removal

    I didnt tackle vent windwos sent them out to be rebuilt
  20. Ken B

    New to Square Body

    Welcome from Indy, lots of good information and help here. Please put some pics up when you get your truck , I am working on an 81 stepside. Interested in step sides especially.
  21. Ken B

    Going square, again.

    Welcome to Squaresville.
  22. Ken B

    Firewall Steering Column grommet

    I am gonna try putty tape to seal.
  23. Ken B

    Firewall Steering Column grommet

    its not too expensive as i recall researching....
  24. Ken B

    Steel Dash Removal

    We are thinking the same...seam sealer would not have the adhesion is what I am thinking. A few rivets after a smear of panel adhesive. Now to research panel adhesive. This is probably the only use I will have for it so not looking for a large quantity and or expense
  25. Ken B

    Steel Dash Removal

    So when finishing a steel dash swap what did you use to secure the dash at the windshield seam.....all the spot welds were overkill. Use welds, pop rivets, seam sealer, panel adhesive? OR a combination.... The bolts on each end hold the majority of it just need to secure it to the windshield...

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