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  1. Lu Blunt

    8.1 vortec into 1979 k30

    @Dooley You are correct about needing a big block power steering pump bracket. I have the psc pump and external reservoir now, not sure which bracket will work. @Bextreme04 You are correct, the 8.1 uses a tall deck block unique to itself. I was misinformed about it sharing the 502 block. I’m...
  2. Lu Blunt

    8.1 vortec into 1979 k30

    As far as I know the 8.1 vortec uses the 502bbc block which is based on the 454 big block, not LS* based. 8.1L is 496ci and no LS based block can be bored and stroked to that large of a displacement. 8.1L uses normal sbc/bbc engine mounts and bellhousing bolt pattern The 8.1L should mate to...
  3. Lu Blunt

    8.1 vortec into 1979 k30

    Recently found an 8.1 vortec for a good price. Wanting to swap it into my 1979 k30 with 350/sm465/np205. I’m still doing research and collecting parts. Id appreciate any recommendations for a shop in Colorado to help with the swap.
  4. Lu Blunt

    Clean straight doors (set) with glass+door panels

    Manual or electric windows ? Where at in CO? Thanks
  5. Lu Blunt

    Dually Wheel Fitment Help

    Looks like it has vacuum boost brakes. Was this truck originally a 1 ton dually from the factory ?
  6. Lu Blunt

    Not a squarebody, still wears a Bowtie

    That’s a C3500HD not a regular C3500. Gmt400 is a great platform. The price is really going up on them as they start to become the next classic truck. Gmt800 is very similar to gmt400s except you get ls based engines and better brakes. Im not a fan of...
  7. Lu Blunt

    78 k10 longbed LQ9 swapped owner

    Do you have a link to the FB post ? Thanks
  8. Lu Blunt

    OEM dually wheels

    I’m not sure what style of lug nuts the Alcoa’s use. After talking with tech support a few times the best answer I was given is the 4.60” hub bore wheel is not recommended for 4.56” hubs but many people run the wheels anyway
  9. Lu Blunt

    OEM dually wheels Been waiting for these...
  10. Lu Blunt

    12valve/nv4500 into 79’ K30

    Do you have a link to a crate motor you would recommend? I wanted to big block swap the truck but after getting another k30 crew with factory 454/sm465 ac/tilt I decided itd be cool to build the 79’ into something different. Big block would be an easier swap. Here’s a pic of the 84 k30
  11. Lu Blunt

    12valve/nv4500 into 79’ K30

    I also thought $5,600 was alittle high for a used 12valve. I asked about rear main, gov spring, valve springs etc to make the cummins more driveable as was told all that would be on top of the $23k. CPP sells low mile take outs for $4,495...
  12. Lu Blunt

    12valve/nv4500 into 79’ K30

    Last spring I had planned to big block swap my 79’ k30. Ended up loosing my job in April so I put the swap on hold for a bit. Things are doing better now and decided to invest $10-$15k on a new motor n 5 speed. I have another k30 crewcab that’s factory big block, so I’d rather not build the same...
  13. Lu Blunt

    OEM dually wheels

    This truck has the tuff country 2” HD front leaf springs. With a small block and stock front bumper it sits alittle taller and rides kinda rough without a load. Never really thought about the front shackle being slightly forwards of vertical. Truck also has the ORD hd front shackles. I have...
  14. Lu Blunt

    79’ round eye to 80’ square eye

    It does look like the early 80s dodge/Ford. Even the guy at discount tire thought it was a dodge lol. The fenders and hood are the same for 73-80. Only difference is the core support. I have the original round eye core support but couldn’t find the correct metal headlight trim. It’s hard to see...
  15. Lu Blunt

    OEM dually wheels

    Got the new wheels on but haven’t driven anywhere yet. I’m pretty sure this truck will end up going single wheel in the future. The good dually wheels n tires will go on one of my other dually k30s
  16. Lu Blunt


    I have early 90’s gmt400 tow hooks on my 1979 k30. I used the holes that were already there.
  17. Lu Blunt

    OEM dually wheels

    I ordered two new wheels from Accuride for the front. Not sure the direction I want to go but that’ll help things roll smooth for now. The sales lady called and said they offer a 4.56” or a 4.60” center diameter. I’m pretty sure 4.56” is correct but thought I’d see what you guys say. Thanks
  18. Lu Blunt

    1988 v30 454 dump body lift advice

    I lifted my dually k30 with 2” HD springs in the front and ORD 2” shackle flip in the rear. That way you can keep you rear leaf springs. It does make the rear most overload bracket to far from the leafs to be used but hasn’t caused me any problems. The hd front springs are made for big...
  19. Lu Blunt

    79 k30 steering rebuild

    Thanks for the help. I tried looking for a factory replacement but seems like everything is out of stock. Napa is out of stock Oreilly is out of stock...
  20. Lu Blunt

    79 k30 steering rebuild

    Maybe something like this
  21. Lu Blunt

    79 k30 steering rebuild

    When stopping on a hill the brake pedal takes more force to hold the truck still than before the crossover. After crossover was installed, I had only driven about 30 min when I stopped for gas and the power steering pump was out of fluid. The shop was supposed to flush n bleed the system. I...
  22. Lu Blunt

    79 k30 steering rebuild

    Been trying to figure out the noise from the steering. It feels like the line from hydro boost to steering gear box is vibrating more than anything else when the steering groans. The line is only a year or two old. Maybe the hydro boost is going out? Could this effect the steering effort ?
  23. Lu Blunt

    OEM dually wheels

    Accuride are the most expensive oem style wheels. Guess you get what you pay for. the wheels on the 79’ have seen better days. But the wheels on the 84’ and 89’ are much nicer and would probably be worth straightening and painting. I’ll have to think about my options some more. New wheels...
  24. Lu Blunt

    OEM dually wheels

    I like those ion 167 wheels, they’re similar to the Alcoa style. Discount tire carries them at $157. I definitely like the price and load rating. It’s a work truck that sees snow, mud n off-road so I’d rather beat up cheaper wheels instead of aluminum Alcoa’s. So I buy two fronts n two rears and...
  25. Lu Blunt

    Belltech 4/6 Lowering kit with air bags for towing

    Not sure about c10 but my 96 c2500 is lowered 4/6 with Belltech c notch. I have the air lift slam air helper bags that are made to bolt right onto the belltech c notch. There has to be a kit for the c10. I’ll see what I can find

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