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    New from NE Texas

    I did not realize this place existed! Thank you! Thank you for the link! Lol that's a good plan!
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    New from NE Texas

    Oh yeah it is a different world out here, I lived in Frisco for a couple of years probably about 15 years ago now and it was just starting to get crazy over there. Quitman is a great little town, it's beautiful out that way. I work for the gas company out here and my area covers from Quitman up...
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    Is anyone having any luck buying a vehicle from Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace right now?

    I miss snagging up the Autotrader at the gas station. I could spend hours sifting through those things. I pick up cheap cars that need work etc every so often, repair them and list them on FB Marketplace and every damn time I tell myself I cannot stand to sell stuff on there and I'm not going...
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    Distributor Wrench Alternative

    Although I'm sure you have solved your problem by now, it's funny I run across this thread, my brother actually gave me his home made distributor wrench this past weekend. He handed it to me and said " You're gonna need this more than I will now " since I just bought my suburban and he doesn't...
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    Donkey. Dirt track race car build.

    Hey better late than never. At this pace you should be ready for next season easily.
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    Bought a kid that isn't mine a 1976 Nova...

    That is very awesome that you would do that for him. Always liked a Disco Nova!
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    Donkey. Dirt track race car build.

    What class do you race an El Camino in? Not sure where you are and I know class names are different up north. I would guess some kind of street stock class? I have been around dirt track racing for a majority of my life, never really got the itch to race myself, watched my dad and brother dump...
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    New from NE Texas

    Thank you all for the warm welcome! Happy to be here! And I appreciate the kind words about the ol burb. She's got a couple little bumps and bruises but nothing major. Interior is 99% complete, just need to get a tire for the spare haha! Oh yeah it will take some getting used to not having an...
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    New from NE Texas

    Hey everyone, new guy here from North East Texas. My wife and I picked up an '86 C20 Suburban, 454/TH400. My wife has always wanted a square body Suburban so after a few years I gave in, sold a couple of project cars and replaced them with this big ol brute. Her father had a couple when she was...

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