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  1. Soundmound

    Unplugged, but why.....

    Found this pigtail unplugged on my trucks transmission today and wondered why someone would have done it. '84 2wd 305 w/700R4
  2. Soundmound

    GMC 4wd dog dishes

    SO the wife had me in an antique store this morning and I saw these. I did not buy them, but would do so for one of my brethren should they want them. I figured the chance of another square enthusiast happening into an antique store in the middle of nowhere and finding them was slim to none and...
  3. Soundmound

    Set of Gauges, mechanical oil pressure

    Unknown year set of gauges. I made a rushed decision one night after a couple cocktails and ended up with gauges that won't work for me. My $100 loss, oh well. Make me an offer and I'll ship them to you assuming it covers postage lol. If you need additional closeups I'll try and grab them for...
  4. Soundmound

    Truck Financing in the future?

    I just saw the insurance post and it got me thinking.... Historically, you could get a loan on a newer vehicle assuming your credit was good, but older, higher mileage vehicles were more for those with shaky or poor credit because most fly by night dealers could get you financed, albeit at...
  5. Soundmound

    Best quality, complete lowering package '84 2wd 1/2 ton short wide with TBD wheel/tire combo?

    Ok so I'm new to the forum but not the scene. I've had hydraulics, air bags, coil overs and static drops in my rides in the past, but now I'm only interested in static drops. I've been researching components for my rig but there are soooo many options! I was really looking hard at McGaughy's...
  6. Soundmound

    PNW Square Buddy

    Hello fellow square body bros and lady bros if you're out there. Coming at you from one of the many PNW tourists traps with a fresh from the desert '84 Scottsdale I rescued from Oregon. I am a property manager and am engaged to my gorgeous Canadian Ojibwa woman who lets me buy all the trucks I...

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