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    Rear main seal

    Hi, I put a 350 rebuilt GM engine (think they were called Target Master) in my 1984 C20. Think the motor is from the 80’s - 90’s, really not sure. Rear main seal started leaking and I Want to replace. Is there any way to tell from the motor if it has a one piece or two piece seal. Thanks
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    Leak in cab

    Hi, i have a 1984 Chev C20. I have a leak coming in my cab. In the video, That’s the left drivers side dash speaker hole. Leak is running down outside wall. Anybody have an idea if it’s coming from the windshield or under the cowl (firewall joint). Thanks
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    Brake shake

    Have a 84 c20, 3/4 ton. When I apply the brakes to slow down it shakes the truck. The steering wheel doesn’t seem to shake tho. Past experience is when the rotors are warped it shakes the steering wheel.

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