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    Boat Parts, Accessories & Guides by BOATiD

    HOW-TO: Checking and Replacing Your Boat’s Water Pump Impeller Boat impellers are a vital part of engine cooling, but they can be difficult to replace. If you're not familiar with the process, it's easy to make a mistake that could damage your engine. We've written this guide to show you how...
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    Boat Parts, Accessories & Guides by BOATiD

    If you have a boat and looking for a reliable source of parts and accessories for it with CARiD-level of shopping experience - check out our sister website At BOATiD, we carry a wide selection of parts and accessories to help you repair, maintain, and upgrade your boat. Whether...
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    High-Quality DS18 Boat Speakers for Any Weather Conditions

    Boating season is on, and since many pickup truck owners also have boats, we have decided to introduce some interesting products designed specifically for watercraft. As you may know, our CARiD store is a part of a larger family of specialty stores dedicated to different types of vehicles and...
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    Keep your interior looking sharp with Dia Seat Covers + Spring Deal

    When it's time to upgrade your truck's seat covers, don't settle for just any design. Give your seats durable, state-of-the-art protection with a set of seat covers by Fia! They are airbag-compliant, have an elegant and advanced design, and are made with Super-Grip™ technology, ensuring a...
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    Top 10 Automotive Gift Ideas in CARiD Gift Guide

    "It’s just what I’ve always wanted!" - those are the words we want to hear when a loved one opens a gift from you. If you want to hear these words this year, we can help with that. CARiD team has rounded up the best gift ideas in the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide. Whether you have a die-hard car...
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    2021 SEMA & Toyo Treadpass: All The Best in CARiD Video

    Toyo Tires is one of the oldest and biggest names in the automotive industry. It is also among the usual standouts at the SEMA Show, and in 2021 it finally returned, bringing out some serious firepower for its showcase. Toyo mixes things up with off-road vehicles right next to exotics, JDM...
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    Extend the Fuel Capacity of Your Truck with an Auxiliary Tank by ATI

    Don’t you want to stockpile some fuel after recent gas shortages? If it happens again, you need to be ready and equip your truck with a high-quality auxiliary tank that will allow you to extend the gas mileage of your vehicle, power a generator, or simply transfer fuel into the stationary tank...
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    Extend the Fuel Capacity of Your Truck with an Auxiliary Tank by ATI

    Double Post Delete, please
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    Spruce up your interior style with Intellitronix Cluster Kit!

    Whether you want to modernize the look of your classic ride or upgrade your worn-out instrument panel, Intellitronix has you covered with its wide selection of digital gauges, speedometers, tachometers, and digital gauge components. These products come complete with everything you need to turn...
  10. carid

    Enhance the exterior styling of your ride with QMI Fender Trim!

    Add a classy exterior touch to your truck with QMI Fender Trim! It is made from high-grade stainless steel, mirror polished to achieve a flawless shine. It is easy to install thanks to the pre-applied high-quality 3M adhesive tape. No drilling, no screws, no special tools required. This Fender...
  11. carid

    Give your dashboard a modern tough with Intellitronix Gauges

    Would you like to modernize the interior of your Chevy truck? Check out our selection of Intellitronix custom gauges to find a high-quality resto-mod upgrade for your ride. Intellitronix is a leading electronics manufacturer that combines innovative ideas, expertise, and technology to create...
  12. carid

    First-Rate Auto Restoration Parts by Dynacorn at CARiD

    Dynacorn is one of the leading manufacturers of premium restoration parts for muscle car lovers worldwide. This brand offers the finest quality of sheet metal parts, chrome trim, and moldings for restoration projects or regular maintenance of your pride and joy. Superior workmanship, quality...
  13. carid

    Keep your seats looking like new with Saddleman Seat Covers on!

    Looking to cover up the worn-out seats or protect your new seats? If you answered yes to either, then Saddleman seat covers would be a perfect choice for you. All their seat covers are custom made, using precision digital patterns, ensuring that your seat covers fit like a glove. They are...
  14. carid

    Check the Newest Version of LED Tailgate Light Bar by Lumen – a True Attention Grabber + Video

    Today we are back with a new video, dedicated to its installation. Our tech expert Greg will guide you through each step, with all the tools needed and detailed explanation of the whole process. Finish off the look of your truck and make it safer with Lumen LED Tailgate Light Bar!
  15. carid

    Check these Purpose-Built Off-Road Wheels by Fifteen52 + Video Review from CARiD

    You know, we don't really make wheels, but we do sell them :deal: If you are looking for the beadlock wheels Fifteen52 is just not for you. Method race wheels would be the right way to go though: they are all out off-road wheels and I do believe they...
  16. carid

    Check the Newest Version of LED Tailgate Light Bar by Lumen – a True Attention Grabber + Video

    Just recently, Lumen® released its newest version of the LED tailgate light bar for mid- and full-size pickup trucks. It features three rows of ultra-bright LEDs (1000 for 48’’ bar and 1200 for 60’’ version). The accessory works in conjunction with your stock tail lights featuring running and...
  17. carid

    Make Your Truck Bed More Organized and Convenient to Use with the AeroBox

    $359.96 for the Standard $449.96 for the Premium Package
  18. carid

    Make Your Truck Bed More Organized and Convenient to Use with the AeroBox

    Introducing the AeroBox, extremely useful and convenient storage solution for your truck bed. The accessory makes the traditional toolbox obsolete by offering quick access to your valuables from the back of your truck and the ability to remove the box completely in seconds to be rolled away on...
  19. carid

    Check these Purpose-Built Off-Road Wheels by Fifteen52 + Video Review from CARiD

    As a matter of fact, Ken Block himself tweeted about this recently:
  20. carid

    Check these Purpose-Built Off-Road Wheels by Fifteen52 + Video Review from CARiD

    Fifteen52 is well-known in the automotive world for the brand’s dedication to designing and manufacturing best possible wheels for racing and high-performance applications. Today, we introduce the line of purpose-built off-road wheels by Fifteen52. The company’s engineers work closely with some...
  21. carid

    Enhance the look of your Chevy truck with QMI fender trim pieces

    Ready to start over yet another jaw-dropping build or looking to add a couple of bright styling accents to complete your long-term one? QMI - is our trusted premier-quality car parts manufacturer, that offers one of the widest lineups of custom-fit accent trim pieces, fender trim pieces, bed...
  22. carid

    Immense selection of premium-quality Trailer Tires at

    If you’re planning to pull a trailer and go for a long-distance trip anytime soon, a reliable set of trailer tires is an absolute must for you. At CARiD, we’ve gathered a complete selection of specialized trailer tires to make your towing experience safe, enjoyable and your ride comfortable and...
  23. carid

    Travel with more comfort and convenience with Boat Trailer Tires at CARiD

    Boat trailer tires are often neglected. Even, if we're using a trailer quite often, we sometimes forget to check the condition of the tires. If you're looking to get your boat towed anytime soon, you need to ensure that the tires are in safe to use condition. If not, make sure to take a closer...
  24. carid

    Wide choice of aggressive all-terrain tires for Silverado at CARiD

    If you're done with the exciting performance and suspension modifications so far, make sure to divert your attention to the exterior look of your off-road truck. A new set of the off-road tires is definitely one of the best ways to boost up the ultimate durability and reliability of your truck...
  25. carid

    Get up to $500 rebate - Chevrolet Performance Sale!

    A performance intake manifold ranks as the leading bolt-on upgrade for car enthusiasts and when properly chosen it can work wonders you didn't even expect from your Chevy. If that's a goal you'd like to achieve, Chevrolet Performance would be your best bet. They offer a wide range of intake...

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