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  1. 85Sierra Classy

    Drug Another One Home!!!

    Welcome! Looks like the Chevrolet brother of my 85 GMC. Nice find!
  2. 85Sierra Classy

    I don't know where else to post this so...

    There are a lot of good people here, and quite honestly I don’t think they know we can’t see what they see since it wasn’t always like that. Theres a lot of redundancy in the posts/questions of new members, which I believe is what caused the memes in this case. I’d give them a break
  3. 85Sierra Classy

    I don't know where else to post this so...

    The funny thing is before the site was updated recently, I had access to all that extra material-there was some really good stuff out there. I’ll keep posting every now and then and regain access eventually
  4. 85Sierra Classy

    I don't know where else to post this so...

    To be fair, a lot of these “extra” forums on this site aren’t visible until an individual hits 50 posts, like the OP
  5. 85Sierra Classy

    87 R1500 Retro sound radio

    Not sure on the wire colors, but when I bought and installed my retro sound, a jumper harness was available that plugged right into the factory radio harness connector, and connects to the new radio with instructions. I remember it being very simple. Based on their catalog now, 70-1677-1 is the...
  6. 85Sierra Classy

    1987 Chevrolet 350 tbi high idle

    Oil dripping onto rubber seriously shortens it’s life. If your engine is leaking badly and dripping onto the lower hose that’s why it got soft. Lots of leaky small blocks do that. Maybe once it’s running right clean the engine real good and see where it’s leaking from.
  7. 85Sierra Classy

    1987 Chevrolet 350 tbi high idle

    In looking at your picture, the water pump gaskets are still hanging on the engine block. They’re just the thin paper type gasket. Hopefully you scraped them off before installing the new pump and gaskets… Old water pump looks nasty though.
  8. 85Sierra Classy

    Valve cover gaskets

    I just went through a similar experience as you. I had good success with the Permadry gaskets in other applications so I gave it a shot on my trucks valve cover gaskets. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get them to seal 100%. I just got done replacing them again with a Fel-pro cork style gasket...
  9. 85Sierra Classy

    81 C10 pulling right

    On a vehicle this old, the rubber brake hoses can also collapse internally and restrict fluid flow. If one side is collapsed, this will also cause your pull when braking. Parts are cheap enough these days, replace calipers and hoses on both sides up front and bleed clean fluid into the system...
  10. 85Sierra Classy

    Odd TBI issues

    It happens to the best of us! Glad you got it sorted out.
  11. 85Sierra Classy

    Odd TBI issues

    Check ECM fuses. Also no fuel pump prime is usually caused by bad fuel pump relay, very common with TBI trucks. The pump will run when the oil pressure builds regardless of the condition of the relay
  12. 85Sierra Classy

    Can you build a new box from lmc truck?

    It’s bright blue metallic ordered from Summit
  13. 85Sierra Classy

    Can you build a new box from lmc truck?

    I have done just this with a 67-72 fleet side short bed. Parts came from another supplier but same idea. If you go this route, rustproof all hard to reach areas before assembly. And take time fitting bedsides to assure proper gaps on the tailgate, and keeping the box square. Expensive option...
  14. 85Sierra Classy

    Which wire harness company?

    No problem, glad I could help. Good luck with your ls swap!
  15. 85Sierra Classy

    Which wire harness company?

    I used Performance Systems Integration when I did my 69 C10 LS swap with 4l60e. The harness was very well made and put together. It was very simple to install and they had everything available to do the swap on their website (brake pedal switch, computer bracket, etc)
  16. 85Sierra Classy

    New Guy Here

    Hey all from lovely Lancaster PA. This is my first post to this, or any online forum. First off would just like to thank everyone here for the HUGE amounts of valuable information on this site. A couple months ago I got my second ever square body (first was a rotted out R10 that was sold soon...

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