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  1. Alexgmcuk

    Steering column wiring diagram

    Hi. Does anyone have a steering column wiring diagram. Thanks
  2. Alexgmcuk

    Fender Flares

    I've decided to space out my wheel and tires given my backspacing issues, rather than source new wheels I'll get my wheels swapped over and if I feel the need for fender flares I will get some sorted. Has anyone had any experience with fender flares, ezflares? dont want to ruin the look of...
  3. Alexgmcuk

    Wheel Help

    Hi Everyone. I have recently imported a 1986 GMC k1500 from Cali to the UK. I'm an aircooled vw guy and this is my first yank vehicle. I'm a builder by trade so not well clued up about mechanics etc. My truck is lifted. It has 15x12" with a -77mm offset 4" back space wheels with 33/14.5...

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