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  1. 89Suburban

    Suburban Fuel Pump Access Door Mod Pics/Info for Fuel Injected Trucks

    I was going through some old pics and stumbled across these and wanted to upload them to the site server so they can retire here and be accessible to others. Measuring from the rear lip of the floor to the back edge of the locking ring on the tank is approx 18".
  2. 89Suburban

    Lotos MIG 140 Welder

    I picked up this Lotus Mig 140 and a spool gun off Amazon for about $500 bucks. Links: Add a tank of...
  3. 89Suburban

    89'S '07 Hoe

    This is basically a 30 years of service gift from my boss. It has had only 1 operator/owner, an outside sales manager here that lives local. So all highway miles, never towed anything. I know the dealership he bought it from which has a real good reputation and he always had it well maintained...
  4. 89Suburban

    '91 steering hose???

    I don't see a listing anywhere for my steering hoses. I have the factory cooler in my steering system. One of the hoses crimped ends is leaking but I can;t seem to find a new replacement. Anybody have luck with this? Not sure it is the supply or return but they could both use replacing. The...
  5. 89Suburban

    89S stepping down as moderator...

    Hi guys. Life keeping me busy, not been online much anymore. Just wanted to say all is well and I will be stepping down as moderator for the site. HRPC and the crew will go through the motions of finding a replacement. Thanks for the opportunity and good times we had.
  6. 89Suburban

    700R4 Poly Mount?

    I replaced my original rubber 700R4 mount last year with another rubber one from Rock Auto and the fugger already is ripped again now. Anybody use poly mounts and can recommend which one to use? Any input or opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. 89Suburban

    Cold snap starts shift issues on 700R4

    The first very cold morning of the season struck yesterday. Lows in the mid 30's highs low 50's. I went out around 3 PM to get lunch. Fired up Silvy and she revved up pretty high for the cold start. I waited about 30 seconds and shifted into drive. She slammed really hard into gear, like...
  8. 89Suburban

    Suburban Barn Door Seals

    Has anybody here bought and replaced the door seals on the Suburban rear barn doors? The factory ones have plastic pins that snap into holes around the door. I am looking at LMC catalog and the left door seal shows the pins but the right one does not. It's my impression from the illustration...
  9. 89Suburban

    Push Bumper Wanted

    Anybody have a chrome push bumper they want to let go of for a fair price and is in half decent shape let me know. Shipped to 19406 for my '90 Burb.
  10. 89Suburban

    Need halp

    2010 Nissan Maxima won't start, key light is on. Did some Google searching but no tricks to get the steering lock to disengage are working so far. I know we got some of the finest mechanics on this site so I thought I would throw it out there and see if you got any good suggestions.
  11. 89Suburban

    89S f'd, Silvy is down!

    It's 18 degrees out. I went out and fired up Silvy, cold start. Started surging really bad then cut off. Fired up a few times after that and now nothing. Spark is good. Not getting fuel. Been texting with Andy/ bucket. If I dump fuel in the TBI she fires up. So fuel pump took a **** or the tube...
  12. 89Suburban

    HF Flux Core Wire Welder $85
  13. 89Suburban

    Harbor Freight Tire Changer on Sale Half Price

    I just picked one up - $39. bUas5LIY_ok
  14. 89Suburban

    For you Bandit fans...
  15. 89Suburban

    73 - 91 Chevy Suburban Barn Door Door Handle Latch Fix

    The factory paddle on the latch mechanism is short. In cold winter weather it is possible, due to resistance from frozen latches, for the striking pin of the door handle knob to wind up pushing over the top of the paddle and get jammed. My solution to this was to weld a small plate to the paddle...
  16. 89Suburban

    Paw Paw's Harbor Freight Bead Breaker Review Pics & Vid

    Harbor Freight Pittsburgh Bead Breaker Review. This comes nicely shipped and packaged, very easy to assemble. However, the frame base is very flimsy. Would not break the bead on a 15" tire. Base frame and handle were bending. I reinforced the base with 1 1/2" angle iron and it made a huge...
  17. 89Suburban

    Harbor Freight Coupon Code

    Harbor Freight Coupon Code Anybody have one? Placing an order online today. Thanks.
  18. 89Suburban

    Dropping a pan off a 2WD 700R4?

    All the friggin pan bolts across the back of the trans pan are blocked by the crossmember, is this the same on your vehicles? Looks like the trans mount needs to be unbolted and the trans jacked up to get at them and even then looks like a bitch, am I missing something? :shrug:
  19. 89Suburban

    Blower "HI" Relay Diagram

    I'll have to add this mod to the Burb. Take the strain off the blower switch and harness: :party36:
  20. 89Suburban

    Radio Type Identification

    Is the stereos in a 2001 Chevy Silverado and a 2008 Chevy Cobalt both considered double DIN radios? Are they interchangeable? I am an idiot on 2000 up audio tech. Is there a chart somewhere in the internet world that shows what is interchangeable or something?
  21. 89Suburban

    Plastic Wheel Well Liners

    I'm thinking about trying to retro fit a set of these, thoughts? Will they be too big?
  22. 89Suburban

    LMC's Heated Dumbos

    That would be so much a greater product if they were power mirrors too. :D
  23. 89Suburban

    2004 Chevy Cavalier Brakes

    Anybody know what type and size tool I need for the front caliper bolts on this vehicle? :shrug:
  24. 89Suburban

    Cheaper Power Window Motor Replacement Option

    Instead of shelling out $60 bucks a pop to LMC for a new power window motor, an alternative option for us struggling, pay check to pay check, PAP part finding guys is to find used motors out of junkyard 2nd row door Burb or CC doors. Those rear door motors see much less use and abuse over the...
  25. 89Suburban

    5% Discount Expires September 7, 2014

    Your discount code is: 2346571721653324 Using Your Discount Code Enter the code above in the "How did you hear about us" line of the shopping cart. If you are using our traditional HTML catalog, please click the "Apply" button to the right of the field. Your discount will automatically...

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