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  1. 82sbshortbed

    New tires for thr camaro

    Go to leave work yesterday and had a screw in back tire. Idk where I'm picking them up but that's a screw or nail on all 4 tires now. It was a bitch getting it off and spare on. When I got it off the middle tread was really worn down. Didn't know so I bought a good used tire to replace it with...
  2. 82sbshortbed

    Intake for bbc 454

    Wanna swap out the intake on the 454. What would yall recommend? Or what is on yours? I was checking this one out on summit. The old one has seen better days and would like to replace. Seems like distributor hole on old one is kinda...
  3. 82sbshortbed

    Wth is going on with this crap?

    I fired it up and warmed for about 20 to 30 seconds and it idled fine. Drove around the block. Punched it a little to get a hard shift and then drove it back about 20mph. Pulling in the driveway it started stumbling and wouldn't take Throttle very well. Then this..... I think it's electrical...
  4. 82sbshortbed

    Little tips and tricks

    I was thinking this thread could be for little tricks you figured out that others might like to know. That way when they run into that problem or job it's going to be easier knowing that. This one is no big deal and some might already do this but, when I shine up chrome I like to use #0000...
  5. 82sbshortbed

    2,3 or 4 core radiator for BBC?

    Ok, I'm looking for a radiator upgrade for my square. 454 with no fan shroud in it right now is not good. I have a perfectly good fan shroud that came out when swapped out the 305. It's too big for the 454. It looks like I'll be going aluminum with electric fans. Then I can remove the fan on...
  6. 82sbshortbed

    Ring and pinion gear ratio

    I picked up the truck 2 days ago with new 3.73 posi rear end. On the way home it was running 2700rpm at 55mph. It's a bit more than I figured up before. I got 2700rpm at 65mph but, I was wrong. I figure I'll burn up the motor and transmission driving it long distance at that rpm and speed. It...
  7. 82sbshortbed

    870cfm Holley Street avenger carb too big for my 454?

    I saw this the other day and thought about getting it for my square. The quadrajet is running fine but just thought about this one. I was wondering what yall thought. Thought.its a good price for new.
  8. 82sbshortbed

    89 firebird to buy or not to buy

    Bad habit of always looking for cars and trucks to buy. Don't really need one but, this might be a good deal. I'd offer him 3k for it. It does have a v8 so that's a plus. I'd like some opinions on this car. I know you can't tell much about it but, maybe somebody else has had one and can tell me...
  9. 82sbshortbed

    How to measure your driveshaft correctly?

    When I pulled mine out it's been beat to **** and is dam near impossible to remove the ujoints. But, I have another one my neighbor gave me a couple of years ago. Now I need to know if it will fit and hopefully can go with that one. If not may just buy a new one. This has 3 different ways to...
  10. 82sbshortbed

    Looking at car lifts

    I would love to put a 2 post car lift on the side of the house. They have 9,000lb ones for about 2k or so. That would be ideal but, would have to ask the city because I'd hate to buy it and them come by and tell me to get rid of it. Saw this one at HF for 1,800. It holds 6,000lbs and is...
  11. 82sbshortbed

    2000 Camaro SS

    I'm selling it because right now I could use the money more than the car. I don't drive it much anymore. It sits in the driveway with the cover on it mostly. I drive it enough each month so it doesn't just sit all the time. I'm asking 10k but. Can work with you if you're really interested in it...
  12. 82sbshortbed

    Prop value reset

    Man, this video describes my exact brake problems. I got a new prop valve before I saw this but, that's OK I'll change it out anyway. I think it could use one after 40 years. Lol Still very informative. I learned me something anyway. Sprung 12 bucks more for the brassone over the...
  13. 82sbshortbed

    Engine bay detailed

    This is a great how to detail your engine bay video. Most people don't do this because it's a little intimidating but, it's really not that bad. Chris fix does alot of good how to videos. Very thorough too.
  14. 82sbshortbed

    Ported or manifold vacuum for vacuum advance

    Watched some videos on this. All 3 said ported over manifold vacuum. This was the best diminstration. What yall think?
  15. 82sbshortbed

    Monster in a box transmission rebuild kit

    I'm looking at rebuild kits for my th350 and came across this one on sale for $449. Seems to have everything you need. Has anyone used this or heard anything about it? Think it's rated for 400hp
  16. 82sbshortbed

    Where do you put your antifreeze when doing a flush?

    Will a 5 gallon bucket work? I don't have a shallow big pan to slide under there. I was thinking of doing this while the truck is still on the ramps. Once in the bucket what do I do with it? Need to do the SS too and it's much more lower. Thanks for any ideas.
  17. 82sbshortbed

    Quadrajet tuning made easy

    I know how people bitch that quadrajets are hard to tune. Well. I saw this video and it don't seem to hard to me. I'm gonna do this to mine and will let y'all know what I get when I do it. I've never attempted it before because it seemed too hard. So we'll see what happens when I do. I know my...
  18. 82sbshortbed

    Let's see where you park your square

    I figured this is s good spot for this. My driveway is **** and I've let oil leak on it. Recently I didn't notice the oil leak at the block so it poured a good bit out before I did. It's a lot of oil on it. This is a trick we used pressure washing oil stains at a bank we did once a month. Now...
  19. 82sbshortbed

    Where does your overflow bottle mount on your square?

    I've been trying to find pics to where to mount this new bottle. I'd appreciate some pics of where yours sits to get some ideas on where to put mine. Thanks
  20. 82sbshortbed

    Pass window in a bind

    Ok i don't know if this window is in a bind because the motor froze or something else is got it stuck. I've put my hands on both sides of glass and it won't move. Looks like a bitch to get too the motor too. Lol
  21. 82sbshortbed

    Sbc cam fir sale

    I bought this back when I had the 305 in the square. I've since put in a BBC 454 so I don't need it now. I have the paper with specs and instructions. New lifters and assembly lube for it too. Got about $150 in it but. I'll take $75 and you pay shipping. Feel free to ask me any...
  22. 82sbshortbed

    Th350 B&M shift kit

    Has anyone ever installed this kit in their transmission? Looks simple and easy for 50 bucks. I've got one in mine but, don't know what kit it is. Was thinking of this one for the th350 in the garage.
  23. 82sbshortbed

    Pcv or not to pcv?

    I've just got 2 breathers on my valve covers on the BBC. Should I put a pcv Value on driver's side valve cover? Is there an advantage to running one? I have a brand new one on the 305 that I could pop right in. Just wondering.
  24. 82sbshortbed

    Anyone run this set up?

    Someone was asking about a sale on this edelbrock pf4 efi set up. They have it on their website for $1,600. Includes everything you need to install. Not a bad price...
  25. 82sbshortbed

    Cab and door rust, fix or replace?

    Over the last 2 and a half years cab and door rust has really started showing. I didn't realize how much the po had covered up. Both corners of both doors and top of cab door jams are looking really bad. Whats the best way to fix cab? Never attempted it in this spot before.

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