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  1. 89Suburban

    What rims are these?

    That's a new one to me. Pretty cool.
  2. 89Suburban

    Show your daily driver

    We were the best!! New world can't handle us anymore!
  3. 89Suburban

    Show your daily driver

    Yeah I have 2, this is the other one.
  4. 89Suburban

    Show your daily driver

    My other DD...
  5. 89Suburban

    Show your daily driver

  6. 89Suburban

    89 Trans Am

    Oh yeah baby!!
  7. 89Suburban

    Needing some help from a small engine guru.

    Yes loosing spark when heating up is a good indicator to me for this. Electrical circuit expands with the heat and gap/break in the circuit occurs. When cools down works fine gap/break is connected and operating. 600* is normal operating high speed temp of this type of engine on the exhaust...
  8. 89Suburban

    What have you done to your square lately??

  9. 89Suburban

    Drug Another One Home!!!

    Damn that's sweet.
  10. 89Suburban

    Donkey. Dirt track race car build.

    Awesome, thanks for update.
  11. 89Suburban

    What have you done to your square lately??

    When I did my rubber hoses I took my Burby to work and and parked it with the front end right on the edge of a loading dock. Still a major bitch trying to access those nuts but better than laying on the ground and getting a better angle of approach.
  12. 89Suburban

    What have you done to your square lately??

    Did you loose the parking brake with that setup?
  13. 89Suburban

    1984 K10 my new toy- I have owned since 1985

    That's awesome, my brother had one just like that, without the LS of course. Very nice!
  14. 89Suburban

    89 Trans Am

  15. 89Suburban

    79 Trans am

    Damn old friend nice job!
  16. 89Suburban

    Bvllsh!t on craigslist.

    Their ignition modules sucked and so did their distributors, but I beat the hell out of all of them and never had a cracked head or blown head gasket.
  17. 89Suburban

    Bvllsh!t on craigslist.

    Yeah I think you are right, that was a pain in the ass. And I think only the Power Wagons had the muscle hoods and vertical turn signals in the grille.
  18. 89Suburban

    Bvllsh!t on craigslist.

    I had one quad light Ramcharger that was 2 tone green with a green interior, that was a rare bird. No pics of that one. Here is the '78/9 with the 4" lift before I put the body lift and 35's on it: And my '86:
  19. 89Suburban

    Bvllsh!t on craigslist.

    I used to have one exactly same lift and tires but was a '78-79. Looked bad azz. Some POS ran a red light and hit me head on and laddered the frame.
  20. 89Suburban

    Bvllsh!t on craigslist.
  21. 89Suburban

    Right rear wheel locking up

    That oil soaked shoes will do it every time. Need new shoes. And find out where the leak is coming from. Axle seal? Brake cylinder?
  22. 89Suburban

    Hi everyone

    He's trollin! :boxing:
  23. 89Suburban

    Hi everyone

    Da fuq r u doin? :throw:
  24. 89Suburban

    New From east Texas

  25. 89Suburban

    1983 Olds Toronado

    Damn!!! Me wants!!

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