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  1. Elliot W

    Can you ID these transmissions?

    I was looking for an NV3500 to mate up to my 5.3 LS and got a steal on these two shown in the pictures. The guy says he took them out of s10 trucks, one a 4.3L and another was a v8. I did some research on NV3500 transmissions and thought they didn’t come with casting numbers but both of these...
  2. Elliot W

    Stock wire harness to battery and starter

    I’m having a tough time figuring out my stock wiring harness (engine bay motor side) for a 74 c10. When I got the truck, the motor was already taken out so I couldn’t label the wires. The lighting side of the firewall wiring terminal is straight forward, but the engine side is not so much. To...
  3. Elliot W

    Opinion on transmission

    Hi everyone I'm in a bind and can't figure out which transmission set up to go for my build and could really use some opinions. All opinions welcome. I'm building a 74 short bed with a 5.3LS stock motor. Intent for the truck will be to cruise to some local shows and maybe drive it one day a...

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