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    • JimVG
      JimVG replied to the thread Tuff Country Lift Kit Experience.
      Hello, I decided on a 2” lift because I wanted to use the narrow 285/75/16 on the factory 7” rims. This keeps the tire completely under...
    • JimVG
      JimVG reacted to MrCaviar's post in the thread Tuff Country Lift Kit Experience with Like Like.
      @JimVG truck looks great, bummer you had to go through that! Just curious, did you decide to do the 2in lift to level the truck out or...
    • JimVG
      JimVG reacted to Scott91370's post in the thread Anti-Theft Security with Like Like.
      Pretty sad we have to go to these lengths to keep our stuff in our possession. Looks like you've done about everything you can to keep...
    • JimVG
      JimVG reacted to Grit dog's post in the thread Anti-Theft Security with Like Like.
      Yeah it’s bad and not gonna get better around here…ever. I’ll keep the politics out of it but you know what I’m talkin aboot…. Have seen...
    • JimVG
      JimVG reacted to Big Chip's post in the thread Anti-Theft Security with Like Like.
      Sounds like you have it covered. I live in an area of Michigan where I don't lock mine half the time but I suspect that will bite me in...
    • JimVG
      JimVG posted the thread Anti-Theft Security in Tech Discussion.
      Vehicular theft in our area is at an all-time high, with an average of 81 cars/trucks being stolen daily in two neighboring Washington...
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