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Jun 22, 2021 at 2:08 PM
Aug 8, 2010
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G.R. - MI
Automation machine builder

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Green79Scottsdale was last seen:
Jun 22, 2021 at 2:08 PM
    1. bloodrunner83
      Hey! I was wondering if you could still get me those scottsdale badge measurements??
    2. Damon Wood
      Damon Wood
      love your truck Green! Need more pics
    3. SuperSwamper83
      Hey Bob, first just wanted to say thanks for the welcome to the site. You put ALOT of work into that cluster so far it is looking great!! I had no idea it would be that much work lol. Its definitely going to be awhile before I tackle it. THANKS A BUNCH for taking the time to help me out!!
    4. Boondock
      Very true, man. And I actually might look into some engineering courses as well. And chassis building is a blast. I was in a motor sports class last year, and we build a chassis for an off-road/Wheelin' project.
    5. Boondock
      Green, you posted the reply on your own wall. xD

      But I'm currently looking into the Apprenticeship school up in Newport News, Virginia for welding. Get to work on the shipyards and basically get paid to go to school, so that's a definite plus. If not that, I may go to the local community college to continue my welding training and get certified. THEN there's the other-other backup plan of applying for the CAT Internship program here, but I'm not 100% on it. That's mostly what I'm looking into currently though.

      As for the grille, I probably will just wait until the right one for the right price comes along. Bucket said that he had a few and I'm pretty sure he'd cut me a square deal on it. And I'll definitely check out that site. I believe I've seen it before but with school and the project as a whole being at a standstill currently, I've slowed down with shopping around for parts. Hopefully within a few months, progress will get back into motion.
    6. Green79Scottsdale
      Man, I wish I was still in high school!! I'm sure your getting sick of hearing this question, but... What are you looking at getting into after high school?

      Be patient on the grille. Don't pay too much for one just to get one. Sounds like you are kind of going down that road with your paint. Wait for a deal to come up on a grille. Personally I wouldn't worry to much about it until you do paint. When you paint it, you can take the old grille out, paint, then put the new one in.

      If you go to www.73-87chevytrucks.com, they sell both the 73/74 grilles and brackets. $110/125 for the grille, $75 for the inner and outer brackets. I believe that site is the one that HR and Retro left to start this one. Don't quote me on it, but I think that's the scoop. The guy that owns the site, CaptKaos, has a really nice store front with parts for these trucks. Prices seem to be very competitive, so do your research.
    7. Boondock
      That's great to hear, man.

      As for myself, I've been pretty fine myself. On my senior year of high school and I'll be graduating in June, so things are great in that area. Paint though.. That's a negative. I'm dying to get it painted but the money hasn't seemed to come near my general direction yet. We're hoping that maybe mid-spring or beginning of summer getting it painted. But yeah, I am definitely looking for a grille, because I HATE those reproduction grilles without the emblems. There's nothing on my truck with a Chevy bowtie except for the steering wheel and it annoys me. I may do the swap.. I'm a little suspicious of that guy who replied on the thread, worried if he's trying to scam or if he's the real deal. Hope it's the latter. He said that he had pictures, so I suppose time will tell.

      If he is though, and I do the 73/74 swap, do you know where I can find the brackets and how much they might cost?
    8. Boondock
      Green! How goes it, buddy?
    9. Green79Scottsdale
      Your welcome Boondock! Wish I could be of a little more help.
    10. Boondock
      Awesome to read, man. Thanks for the help with them.
    11. Boondock
      Hey, Green! I saw that you had some Dick Cepek FC-II; I was interested in knowing how you were liking them. Whenever I have to get new tires, I want to go 35", and I'm thinking DC FC-II; DC M/C; BFG M/T; or BFG A/T again
    12. Boondock
      Nah, I was talking about the trim along your body. Where as I have the double-trim, and the 80s models have the bottom-trim, you have this (I presume aftermarket) trim with the angles. It's very stylish and unique.
    13. Boondock
      Dude, I absolutely LOVE how unique your truck is. It's beautiful. What do you call that side trim, though? I've seen it on a lot of squares, but I've never seen it on any kind of website.
    14. davbell22602
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    Automation machine builder
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