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    if I wasn't going to keep stock gauges, I'd probably just go all in on Dakota Digital RTX vs modding something together. RTX is similar...
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    gmbellew replied to the thread OEM Cruise Control.
    the stalk isn't difficult to replace. if you can't thread the wires inside the column, worst case you run it outside the column to the...
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    MAP sensor and CTS have a lot of say in target RPM (or IAC position), especially in open loop. if those sensors are good, you might...
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    gmbellew replied to the thread Pissing match.
    LMC makes housings that you can trim your headlight buckets (and maybe core support on the high beams) to fit diode dynamics SL1. I...
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    it will always idle a little higher on first start up, even when hot, just for a bit until it hits closed loop. it should take much...

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