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    Tow a 5th wheel camper trailer with bed mount hitch ?

    Good information above, couple of thoughts. First, you will be much happier with a center mount trailer hitch over a bumper mount. The weight distribution is better and the effect of sway, crosswind or semis is much less. A bumper pull gives the leverage advantage to the trailer. Before...
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    Testing the horn circuit

    Noted another in here related loss of ground to the steering column. How does this happen? I found an intermittent horn to be because it was getting a ground at the bottom of the column from the oil dipstick! Now that was a surprise!
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    Original wheels with split ring

    There is a very good reason those rims are no longer in use. They're death traps! Send them to the scrapyard, don't endanger others.
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    poor fuel and 350 eng with carb

    I vote with the experts, above. I'm in the deep South, 90/90 heat and humidity are an every morning event and ethanol has had no effect on vapor lock. Lack of recirculation will do it though. In the real old days it was not uncommon to see a farm truck that operated at low speed and heavy load...
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    R-12 service in Seattle area

    The above replies about retrofits of 12/134, either way, are right on. The only issue to be careful of is the oil, they DON'T mix. You'll get jelly. Make sure you get all the refrigerant oil cleared. When this change first came about there was a flush device and fluid. I could never get...
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    Alternator belt slip

    Thanks guys! I had not considered a better pulley on the alternator. This alternator has recently been replaced and should be good. You lit the synapses and the idea comes to try a slightly wider belt to assure it doesn't bottom out since all power is transmitted on the shoulders of the pulley.
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    Alternator belt slip

    Working on an '83 P30 diesel. The alternator belt, a single 1/2" belt, slips and squeals badly unless severely overtightened, to the point of drastically shortened belt life. Examination shows only about a 30% wrap on the alternator pulley. Applying a stick to the belt slack side immediately...
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    1978 C10 front marker lights

    I had electrical gremlins trotting everywhere in the '80 P30 I've been working on, particularly the markers and turn signals Turned out the grounds were all funky. GM saved something(?) by grounding a whole bunch of things at one point. I chased the gremlins when I got tired of trying to figure...
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    Sheared bolts

    All these replies are right on, very valid fixes, including the bit about a broken EZ out being trouble. Start with the easiest and move up. Years ago I bought 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 and 5/16 left hand drill bits, one each. I have carefully kept them for about 30 years, using when there is an UH-OH...
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    Headlight issues

    A different headlight issue. I also had gremlins and knew about the ground problems but now I have a headlight relay kicking in and out on high beam only. Suggestions?
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    New member

    New here, have been lurking and now it's time to ask some questions. I am "fixing up", not restoring, an '87 P-30, one ton flatbed for use in a growing bee operation and have had an adventure! The vehicle is a very low mileage Air Force surplus, diesel powered, automatic transmission work truck...

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