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  1. Raider L
    @Robert Samaniego, You gotta' be kiddin'!! I don't know how much that weighs, but dang, the beds not even down the slightest! Let me guess, you've got air shocks under there somewhere?
  2. Raider L
    @Adam blair, Dang! Look at the curve on those leaf springs!! Now, tell me, what is the deal with the double shocks on the front there? I don't know much about 4x4's so... . What size are...
  3. Raider L
    I see the end of the "boot" is worn out. If the "pot joint" is as full of grease as some are, irt will start leaking out of the boot end sooner or later. And it will drip down on the frame...
  4. Raider L
    That bearing has somehow slid out of the plastic bushing. You need to somehow push the bearing back into that plastic bushing. There should only be about a 1/16" or so sticking out of the end of...
  5. Raider L
    @BRetty, I'm sure not trying to sound like, Mr. know it all, but let me clue you...pitting that bearing back into that plastic bushing can be a real bi**ch! Let alone push that plastic thing...

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