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Build 15

Build 15
sean1960, Nov 3, 2011
    • crazy4offroad
      Is that a panhard bar I see? Never saw one on a leaf-sprung truck, but then again, that's a lot of lift!!
    • sean1960
      Yes it is, actually it,s a top link from Tractor Supply. On GM squarebody 4x4,s the sway bar also acts as a stabilizer. With the amount of lift I have it is necessary.
    • crazy4offroad
      Looks like it is about as parallel with the axle as you can get it without having the brackets interfere too much. From what I understand from my Jeep buddies (which mostly have coil springs + panhards), get the panhard as parallel as possible, so when one side droops (in your case, passenger side) it wont relocate the axle too far the opposite way. It basically keeps the axle centered as the suspension cycles, where with coil springs the axle could end up anywhere. Some Jeeps I've seen with short panhards that look like they're at a 45 degree angle because of too much lift, one front tire sticks out further than the other from the body, and it is about impossible to get and keep the steering wheel centered and the vehicle to track straight consistently. In your case it looks like it's main function is to limit lateral movement to prevent the springs from rolling or bending sideways, where on a coil sprung vehicle without the panhard the axle might actually come out from under the Jeep just driving down the road lol. Good stuff man, stuff I need to keep in mind if/when I go bigger!
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