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  1. Motor city
    Motor city davbell22602
    Do you have Rally wheels for sale
  2. 87_stepper
    87_stepper gmachinz
    Hello what would I be looking at for a complete harness for a 1987 chev short box step side 4x4 that I removed the factory 350 TBI and installed a zz385 with Fitech fuel injection. I am doing a full resto mod and dont want to reuse the old harness whats your email so I can contact you thanks.
    1. gmachinz
      Jul 14, 2019 at 10:06 PM
  3. Wiltff
  4. swslaton
    Slow to intermittent power windows, yet once a blue moon they work better than new.
  5. suburbangirl
    A work in progress!
  6. Elizabeth Turbiak
  7. nipplecripple74
    Just another squarehead
  8. SquarebodyLyfe
    Jus Chillaxin,,!!!!
  9. Rejean
    I bought 74 Cheyenne 10 an he have factory ac,power Windows, door lock, an cruise
  10. TerryRH
    I like simple.
  11. ricky ritzel
    ricky ritzel
    I own a 1985 Chevy k10 stepside because of a personal life choice.
  12. Hondo78
    Bigger is better.
  13. hoagster
  14. Marcos
    Marcos highdesertrange
    highdesert ranger thank you for the link you provided for service manuals. I have kind of a dumb question. I didn't find any links for Blazers or Jimmys do they fall under the same category as "Light Duty Trucks?
  15. R10ish
    Working for my project fund....as always