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New Profile Posts

  1. 82Diesel
    Soo much to do not enough time to do it...
  2. ScreaminEagle
    hey I have a 84' c10 and was wondering if I can body swap that onto a 4 wheel drive 89' chevy suburban
  3. trukman1
    trukman1 yevgenievich
    Ref: A/C plastic piece across driver's side floor area...How much shipped to 45431?
    1. yevgenievich
      Let me check on shipping. Was looking for about $20+shipping
      Mar 19, 2019
    2. yevgenievich
      Hello, $29 shipped.
      Mar 23, 2019 at 12:36 AM
  4. wreckthosecars
    Working on too many projects!
  5. 632CI Stepside
  6. taggtwo
    taggtwo Honky Kong jr
    I have enjoyed going through your thread. I saw that you had a power window harness. How complete is it? How much would you like for it? I live in the NW 99206 zip. Thanks Tim
  7. Gray Goast
    Gray Goast Old77
    Hello Old 77, I am a new member also in Kansas city I was wondering if you could call me.
  8. Tank6x2
    Getting there! Suspension is almost completed!!
  9. 82Diesel
    Can't wait for springs 50s weather to get here!
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  10. Scott Hathaway
    Scott Hathaway
    But sometimes something got to give my right front ball joints were the weak link
  11. Scott Hathaway
    Scott Hathaway
    Well I welded up my front diff gears it was a good time we have a ton of snow this year.
  12. squareed
    how do 16x8 wheels with 4.25 backspace work on your 3/4 ton 2wd trucks
  13. Cgeo
    Cgeo gmachinz
    I would like the dual tank wiring harness. Can
    I get a number to call or email you.
  14. Darryl VDH
    Darryl VDH
    1987 GMC 1/2 ton, zz 6 crate motor 1985 Monte Carlo SS 1984 Olds Delta 88 two door 1985 Jeep J20 pickup
  15. 82Diesel
    Found Blue Floor mats :D