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  1. Charlie
    Charlie Marc in Las Vegas
    Not a bad looking truck from the picks. Price could be about normal for condition. I'm not a 4x4 guy. If you can do a good test drive, listen to engine and other sounds to make sure no odd or loud sounds. And offer lower with cash in hand, could pay less than 4500.00.
  2. Marc in Las Vegas
  3. Tank6x2
    Currently fit some time in this weekend got a bit done!
  4. nokota
    well work has started to lighten up,harvest is over and I can tinker with My truck....well ? mabye not .... Lol.
  5. Jetsum
    we have a 1987 v10 .recently put. 4‚ÄĚsuspension lift with 35s.changed hubs from auto to manual .getting grind/growl in 4wd only ?
  6. BikerBob
    New member here! Looking to get info, advice and ideas on putting my trucks together. I look forward to checking out other members trucks.
  7. denikcuf
    how do you rack the cab to make doors fit again when rockers have separated?
  8. CaseyLegg
    I'm a round body rockin' a square body :P
  9. texasmike
    Hey guys and gals, new member here. This is how my recent acquisition looked in 1987 with original driver + wife. I'm out of allotted time.
  10. cabmoto
    Need help with wheel fitment 1978 K10 Suburban. I bought wheel vintiques 15x7 series 62. They won't clear rear drum and hitting in front.
  11. Tank6x2
    Looking to update and begin working on my project again soon, hope all is well
  12. denikcuf
  13. Loren Bartling
    Loren Bartling
    Its a never ending rabbit hole
  14. Todd
    Looking for a heater box with ac, for 86 silverado. Thank you.
  15. jessy hagar
    jessy hagar
    im new, be gentle.