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  1. texasmike
    What is the exact travel length (cam lobe height) for the fuel pump rod-small block V8. I removed the stuck rod, slightly bent-elect.pump?
  2. Darth Plasma
    Darth Plasma
    Currently restoring a 1987 Chevy V10 (K10) pickup
  3. 87vfl
    Not one person has talked back to me on here at all lol
  4. 1987 GMC Jimmy
    1987 GMC Jimmy
    Fish meat is practically a vegetable.
  5. opticspeed
  6. opticspeed
  7. jake wells
    jake wells
    The road to success is paved with mistakes.
  8. Darkness2469
    Darkness2469 outcast99
    Loving the truck, I just bought a 86 c30 that I want to lower with bags as well. Can you give me a list of what you purchased to achieve your look
  9. rebfan
    rebfan 82PrintShop
    Could I get you to make a set of stripes for me. And what’s a ballpark price on them.
  10. Goldie Driver
    Goldie Driver Colin
    Sure like that Cordova Brown & Buckskin - my old Suburban was that 2 tone.
    Nice truck!
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  11. NicBop03
    Dazed and confused
  12. Squarebody Lady
    Squarebody Lady matkes77
    Hey thanks for the like!
    1. matkes77
      You're welcome! I hope to make my truck as nice as yours someday!
      Aug 21, 2018
    2. Squarebody Lady
      Squarebody Lady
      Thanks that's sweet of ya
      Aug 21, 2018
  13. Submariner592
    Submariner592 gmachinz
    Love to get the delay wiper and module for my 1978 c-20, can I but them from you? [email protected]
    1. gmachinz
      Yes you can! I have a matching/tested pair for $155 shipped. I have paypal if that works...?
      Aug 20, 2018
  14. Incriminator
    Wishing the paint would just jump on my truck.
  15. Randy Terry
    Randy Terry GERALD HORNE
    Okay yes I have instrument bezel