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New Profile Posts

  1. Art Pappas
    Art Pappas shiftpro
    thx. i couldn't figure out how to post my question. i found your name in a different thread, and your answer on that thread made sense, so i put your name in. bad on my part. i took your advice and i posted the same thread i sent you in the link you provided. i should have replaced my springs with HD springs. i may change them out since the actual cost of new springs is cheap. thx again.
  2. Giant Rock
    Giant Rock
    Just a noob in love with his Suburban
  3. pali7
  4. Craig Nedrow
    Craig Nedrow 77 K20
    I am close to ellensburg
  5. Craig Nedrow
    Craig Nedrow Grit dog
    love that truck of yours, nice paint scheme
  6. Pmac
    Pmac Old77
    How to I post?
  7. Pmac
    I am still having trouble finding where on the site I would post I request for help - I hope this gets a response ...
  8. 1983 k20
    1983 k20 Blue Ox
    We both like the 6.2 eh .
    1. Blue Ox
      Blue Ox
      They're okay.
      Sep 14, 2020 at 9:20 PM
  9. Raybo135
    Raybo135 Relaxedguy
    RelaxedGuy--I cannot figure out how to add pictures to a new thread. Send me your email address and I will forward you some pictures of my 1976 Chevy. My email address is [email protected]
  10. MaddieR12
    A smart-ass who likes trucks and jeeps
  11. icncs21
    Hello need help with swapping straight 6 for a 350
  12. Italianwagon
    Italianwagon RipTideTiger
    Hey nice Burb. Trying to decide on lifting my burn and going 2in with 33 or 4 with 35s. How does your do with 35s and what gears do you got. I got 3.73
  13. Jerry Hughes
    Jerry Hughes
    My truck has the original gov controlled locking diff. can the third member member be swapped out with no modifications?
  14. thom gray
    thom gray
    Does anybody make a kit to change the cargo light to a third brake light?
  15. Scotty D
    Scotty D
    Any ideas on turning my bed upside down to replace crossmembers?