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  1. Cammie Leggitt
    Cammie Leggitt Old77
    Have a 77 k20. Was wondering if you had or voulx6 direct me to a diagram of the ductwork under the dash. Putting a basket case back together and most of it is missing. Thanks, Cam
  2. taggtwo
    taggtwo gmachinz
    Good morning Jabin, This week I am working on a 1987 k20.. I am wanting to install power window/locks and will need a complete harness from fuse box to door switch. I would like the express down option also.

    PS The dual tank harness I received from you went well
  3. Ian Flynn
    Ian Flynn
    Frustrated, trying to bring a K10 back to life
  4. Vbb199
    Vbb199 78C10BigTen
    When ya gonna come pay me a visit and drink a beer with me?
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    2. Vbb199
      So soon?
      Apr 2, 2020 at 7:10 AM
    3. Vbb199
      There's so many cool people on this forum, but they're over 200 miles away lol, just thought I'd try
      Apr 2, 2020 at 8:26 AM
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    4. 78C10BigTen
      Its true! Id have no problem meeting some of you guys! Alotta you guys have helped me a ton!
      Apr 2, 2020 at 8:33 AM
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  5. Snoots
    Snoots Paladin
    Do you take PayPal?
    I'll get that to you ASAP when you send me an email and amount.
    Shipping address is:
    Roger Newton
    16 Shirley Court
    Braselton, GA 30517-2740

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  6. TubeTruck
    TubeTruck Catbox
    Got that 454 in something yet? Mine is still sitting on the floor. Trying to collect parts for it. Going to carb it until I can figure out how to tune a little bit.
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    3. TubeTruck
      This one is going in my Suburban but eventually I'll get another one for my El Camino and I want to build a custom EFI setup for that. I want the old school look of dual quads but I'll modify the intake for direct port fuel injection. I might just gut a pair of carbs and use them as a throttle body.
      Mar 31, 2020
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    4. Catbox
      Mine will be going into my 1954 Bel Air.
      So the HO cam should be good.
      I have searched YouTube for videos of 454's with them in it and they sound delicious.
      Mar 31, 2020
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    5. Catbox
      When my kid has his '55 Chevy up and running I should have more time for my stuff.
      He has been slacking pretty hard about working on his car.
      He likes to work on my truck though, so its not all that bad.
      Mar 31, 2020
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  7. Scottserado
    Scottserado bucket
    Hey man do you know if a double headlight grille would fit a 4 headlight squarebody?
    1. bucket
      Yes as long as it's the correct year range. You will need to rig up a way to fasten the parking lights though.
      Mar 29, 2020
    Hello , I am a new member. Thanks for having me.
  9. Danderson
    Danderson gmachinz
    Do you still have the intermittent wiper delay modules for the late 70's Chevy pickups? If you do, how much and how do you want payment?

    You can email me direct at [email protected]

  10. 91v2500
    91v2500 89Suburban
    Hey was it difficult to install your double din
  11. bravo16
    bravo16 Craig 85
    Hi Craig, i didn't want to hijake that guys thread so im replying here ...
    Hey thanks for the info. I have a 4" lift but not original springs, pretty sure its Rough Country .. i think it needs leveling though, front sits a little high.
  12. Steelers82
    Steelers82 christopher jones
    hey man what kind of tonneau is that on your square? nice!
  13. Siggy
    First post doing 5.3 swap into the 83 using the psi wiring harness can't figure out where to hook up the TCC wire in my brake switch?
  14. Shawn Dzigner
    Shawn Dzigner
    Have a great 87 GMC for sale, contact me to view and discuss if interested. New here to this site,
  15. kenneth brown