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New Profile Posts

  1. Mob_
    New to this site. Found it while looking for help with my defrost...
  2. Luisjp
    Looking for a pair of 15x10 ralley wheels for my 81 c10. Anyone with a pair and willing to part with them let me know
  3. Luisjp
    Always building and adding
  4. Burlyburb
  5. cland13
    Under Construction
  6. Steelers82
  7. neetch
    Rivertown Custom Cycles
  8. Collins Andrews
    Collins Andrews
    Thinking of selling my '73 shortwide
  9. Keith Bradley
    Keith Bradley oldman
    Any good rear step bumpers left for fleetside 1985 ?
  10. sbeard73
    sbeard73 gmachinz
    Hello my friend I need another harness from you. This time I need an auto up/down with the relay kit for a 1984 GMC C1500 with factory power windows and locks. Please let me know your price and I'll get you paid ASAP!
    Thanks Steve
    1. gmachinz
      Good morning Steve! If you need door harnesses only, cost for a kit is $379...if you need the dash crossover harness also total cost is $435. This gives you an HD relay upgrade as well as auto down/up. If you want to use paypal mine is:

      [email protected]

      Or, I can also process a credit card payment if you prefer-whichever is easier for you.
      Nov 5, 2019
    2. sbeard73
      I want the door harness and crossover harness. Payment of $435.00 sent via. PayPal.
      Thanks Steve
      Nov 6, 2019
  11. Josh Helm
    Josh Helm WarlVlachine
    Hey man you really need to put your truck as a profile pic .. all though one you got nice is that near you
    1. WarlVlachine
      You’re right, I do. Nah, that’s just a cool one I found online. Looks like a nice drive don’t it?
      Nov 4, 2019
      Josh Helm likes this.
  12. Soccpupet
    Soccpupet bucket
    Can I get some spec info on your dually? Lift, tire size, etc... I'm starting a build and like the look of yours. Thanks in advance for your time.
    1. bucket
      Thanks! It's a 4 inch lift, Superlift or Skyjacker, I can't remember which. I'd have to look to be sure. The front springs have sagged some due to the big block and there used to be a winch on the front. It actually has 3" blocks in the rear. The tires are bias ply 9.00x16's which are roughly a 36" x 10". There's 3" spacers between the rear duals for sidewall clearance.
      Oct 28, 2019
  13. Keith Bradley
    Keith Bradley
    I bought a 85 c10 and the 7 wires that run through the upper firewall towards the pass. side had been cut off. Truck has a/c. Help
  14. Ray LeBlanc
    Ray LeBlanc
    So new to the site and square body restoration. Hoping to learn more and how to navigate my way around. Thanx for letting me hang out.
  15. Kim Burke
    Kim Burke bluex
    Would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction for GMSB window decals?
    Windshield eyebrow w/GMSB would be cool but anything would be appreciated.