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Wrecker Driver / Legal Services

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    1. Robert Samaniego
      Robert Samaniego
      Hi, I am new here . I was wondering if you could edit my name from Robert(o) to just Robert. Thank you much
    2. ali_c20
      Hi Hot Rod, I had some time on my hands and made a logo for the GM forum. I made a thread in photo gallery / photoshop so that everybody can take a look at it.
      If you like it you can use it for the forum. I can send you a big image in whatever format you want.
      It's a vector file so it could be used for print also. cheers, ali.
    3. Jeff Young
      Jeff Young
      I've got an 85 GMC 1500 that was been sitting 7+ years. I would like to get it back to a daily driver. I have asked around to several different garages in OKC and most say that the no longer work on that old of vehicle any more. So I do not know if you can or will recommend local garages on the OKC metro.
    4. Ray1988r20
      Hey Hot Rod, new here, still trying to find everything, so for, this is the most helpful, and square friendly site I have found. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.
    5. Camar068
      hey man just a thought I figured I'd share with you. What do you think about a "stickies" tab up top by new posts, search, etc. Not sure how difficult it would be to link all the stickies on the website to one button, as well as the locations they are currently in the directory.
    6. Honky Kong jr
      Honky Kong jr
      Hey man can you change the name of my thread from started the bed to Project Willy Lee? I want to throw in some more pics that wouldn't jive with the title. Thanks in advance.
    7. stlbob
      could you give me a link to that toll review thread,thanks.
    8. Supersoaker
      xj shaft any pics and how much ?? I need one :)
    9. Camar068
      Gotta throw it to someone. Zoom in on the bed cap/campershell I drew up. Just an idea, no access to sheet metal to make or time. Got the 5.3 to get into the truck. CTRL-mouse wheel to zoom in. sorry for crappy image. Basically a campershell that folds up to a hard top bed cover.

    10. Driver4r
      did you get my PM?
    11. Moonsaber
      Hey, can you adjust my birthdate in my profile for me? I ended up putting the year of my truck, and not my birth year, in it. I was born in 1967.
    12. mbl530
      So HotRodPC, I'm the old man with all the drive line questions. My truck is lowered 5" front 7-8" rear. will be running 20" rims on all 4 corners. I have a SScotts hot rods lowered crossmember with rack and pinion steering. Wilwood brakes on all 4 corners. I wanted to do away with the 2 piece drive shaft, thinking it would be easier setting up the pinion angle. Denny's drive shaft said because it is a LWB, they couldn't help me. I forgot to mention I have a Mcgauphys flip kit and C notch for the 6" and Eaton Detroit made me a new set of leafs with a 2" drop. I guess I will use the 2 piece drive shaft I already have, although I believe The Trans u joints are either 1330's or 1350's the slip joint is after the carrier bearin. If I am wrong about any of this please steer me in the right direction. I am retired, and if I have to spent money to get this set up right, then oh well, that's what I worked 44 years for. I'll wait for any reply from you. thanks.
    13. aGood'olBoy
      I did make a thread and everyone agrees with what you said that its probably just the canceling can. But I found a great thread on that I'm going to base off of when I get around to it.
    14. aGood'olBoy
      Yah its straight but no it never resets. The right turn signal does every time.
    15. aGood'olBoy
      Just a quick question that wasn't worth a thread. If one side of my turn signal resets after a turn but the other side doesn't, that means the turn signal switch is shot? Sooooo part number g8067 will fix my problems correct?
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    February 19
    OKC, OK
    Wrecker Driver / Legal Services
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    Silverado K10 to K20 Conversion
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    6.2 to Gas???
    Off Roading, Drag Racing, Saving Old Vehicles from the scrap yard.



    84 Chevy Silverado C20 454/Turbo 400 14FF 3.73 Peg Legger --

    85 Chevy Silverado K10 350/700R4/NP208 14FF/10B 4.10 w Lockers --
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