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  1. Mark Leigh
    Mark Leigh
    Hi , I'm trying to soften up the ride on my 1980 K-10. I would like to remove some leaf springs and add air lift suspension. Good or bad!!
  2. rfellenz
    rfellenz 77 K20
    I run 2.5 with flow master this is always been a racing exaust it sounds great and the performance is awsome i love it
  3. Honky Kong jr
    Honky Kong jr
    Creeping around the corner
  4. 86TexasT
  5. NOPHO84K30
    NOPHO84K30 gmachinz
    Just checking in with you on the engine harmess for my 84 k30
  6. Wildjoe330
    77 K20, 50 to 65 mph pulsating Vibration, Was Full Time, Replaced front axle u-joints, Cab Body Bushings, Front Wheel Barrings gone thru,
  7. Kurt1977
    Project truck
  8. CaptainA
    CaptainA gmachinz
    Would you maybe be able to help me trouble shoot an electrical gremlin? If I could narrow it down then I wouldn't need to rewire my whole truck, but after seeing what behind my dash looks like after the swap, I might have to anyway. Thank you sir
  9. kenny78
    kenny78 adamj
    Hello Adam, when you were doing exhaust, did you end up using a walker 40317 y pipe? I hate to geek out about it but trying to piece together my exhaust and can't see one in person without buying it. If you did use a walker y, I am hoping it will tuck up a little closer
    1. adamj
      I did use the walker y-pipe, and no, it did not tuck up closer, it still hangs down like the original...
      Jul 7, 2017
  10. Gingerc10
    Just lurkin
  11. MentoneWeaver
    Currently building 1978 K5 Blazer.
  12. Mbowser001
    Selling 1974 chevy k10 long bed white 203 transfercase 350 tranny 350 engine
  13. 89Suburban
  14. Donomoose95
    I got 99 problems... and my truck accounts for at least 26
  15. deeznuts
    how the hell do you ask a question on here??????