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  1. Incriminator
  2. Jimbo003
    I have an issue with my cluster gauges, they stop working right after i installed a new head light switch. any help?
  3. smoothandlow84
    Just picked up a 1964 shortbed fleetside.....
  4. Clutch
    Building a crew cab dually daily driver
  5. Iowan
    buyin my moms 1998 K1500
  6. Duckylsx
    Bored with a project...
  7. Snoots
    Snoots Lethermon
    Do you still have the soft top? And is it for the FULL removable top? Thanks!
    I just bought back a truck I had frame off restored many years ago,needles to say it has seen better days .I'm on my way of revitalizing it
  9. Dusty Trails
    Dusty Trails
    Always dreaming but rarely sleep
  10. brokaw
    ISO Tilt Wheel - looking for a a tilt wheel for an '87 w/ floor trans, pulse wipers and cruise? If so, pm me with price: ship to 04963
  11. Boone83K10
    Boone83K10 Wracks81
    Where in Tennessee are you. Interested in the gas tank.
    1. Wracks81
      Loudon,20 min from knoxville
      Feb 4, 2018
  12. smoothandlow84
    smoothandlow84 bucket
    Can you delete the thread that I started. ..." I was rear ended today...this sucks"

    Thank you
  13. Good beast
    Good beast
    Must sell suburban and ride a bicycle instead
  14. ajdemello
    ajdemello Honky Kong jr
    Hey how far are you from gofer day down there?
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    2. Honky Kong jr
      Honky Kong jr
      I’ve never eaten any of them and don’t plan on it. Lol
      Feb 7, 2018
    3. ajdemello
      Lol yea me eithier
      Feb 7, 2018
    4. Honky Kong jr
      Honky Kong jr
      The fat bastard seen his shadow sorry 6 more weeks of this shit.
      Feb 8, 2018
  15. Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith
    I’m young and dumb. Any life lessons will be appreciated and applied